Fright Night (1947)

Fight Managers Moe, Larry and Shemp are in a jam a local gangster has bet all his money that their champ will lose. This short marks the return of Shemp. Remade in
The stooges are managers of "Chopper", a beefy boxer, and they bet their bank roll on his next fight. When a gangster tells them to have Chopper lose or they'll lose their lives, the boys decide to play along. They try to soften Chopper up by feeding him rich food and having him spend time with their friend Kitty. The fight gets canceled when Kitty dumps Chopper for his opponent and the two boxers engage in some pre-match fisticuffs that result in a broken hand for the opponent. The stooges think they've put one over on the gangsters, only to have the bad guys corner them in a deserted warehouse. Instead of being rubbed out, the boys capture the crooks and get a reward.

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  • Edward Bernds
  • Clyde Bruckman
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  • Release Date: 1947-03-06
  • Language: English
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  • Runtime: 18 minutes
  • Company : -
  • Views: 15

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Dick Wessel

Chopper Kane

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