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The diminutive (5 feet 2 inches/1.57 meters) Bletcher appeared on-screen in films and later television from the 1910s to the 1970s, including appearances in several Our Gang and Three Stooges comedies.Bletcher was also famous as a voice actor. Uncharacteristically for someone of his size, his voice was a deep and strong-sounding baritone. He provided the voices of various characters for Disney (Black Pete and the Big Bad Wolf in Three Little Pigs and its spin-offs), MGM (Spike the Bulldog and in some occasions even Tom, in Tom and Jerry), and Warner Bros. (many characters, most notably the Papa Bear of Chuck Jones' The Three Bears after Mel Blanc had performed the role in the initial entry). He appeared opposite Blanc in Little Red Riding Rabbit, where he played another famous wolf. Bletcher's booming voice can also be heard as "Dom Del Oro" the Yacqi Indian god in the 1939 Republic serial, Zorro's Fighting Legion. He also voiced Owl Jolson's disciplinarian violinist father in the 1936 short subject based on the song I Love to Singa and the menacing spider in Bingo Crosbyana. Both he and Mel Blanc did voice acting in the 1944 Private Snafu WWII training film "Gas", where Bletcher plays the villainous Gas Cloud (with Mel Blanc voicing Private Snafu and a cameo of Bugs Bunny) as an opponent of Snafu. Bletcher also played The Captain in Captain and the Kids with MGM cartoons.

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Sep 24, 1894 - In Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
Movie/TV Credits:
First Appeared:
In the movie One Too Many 1916-02-16
Latest Project:
Movie Get a Horse! 2013-11-27

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Billy Bletcher Filmography & Movies

Movie Get a Horse! Peg-Leg Pete (archive sound) 2013-11-27
Movie The Chase Mr. Vincent (uncredited) 1966-02-17
Movie Harlow Policeman (uncredited) 1965-06-23
Series Get Smart Unknown 1965-09-18
Movie This Is Your Life Donald Duck Pete (voice) 1960-03-11
Series The Bugs Bunny Show 1960-10-11
Series Dennis, The Menace Unknown 1959-10-04
Series Pete Kelly's Blues Unknown 1959-04-05
Movie The Lone Chipmunks Black Pete (voice) 1954-04-07
Movie Calamity Jane Prospector 1953-11-04
Movie The New Neighbor Pete 1953-08-01
Movie Canvas Back Duck Peewee Pete 1953-12-25
Movie How to Be a Detective Al Muldoon 1952-12-12
Series The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Unknown 1951-04-15
Movie A Bear for Punishment Pa Bear 1951-10-20
Movie Tom and Jerry Classic Collection Volume 4 Unknown 1950-07-01
Movie The Chump Champ Spike 1950-11-04
Movie Mississippi Hare Col. Shuffle 1949-02-26
Movie Bowery Bugs Steve Brody 1949-06-04
Movie Bear Feat Pa Bear 1949-12-10
Movie Heavenly Puss Devil Dog 1949-07-09
Movie What's Brewin', Bruin? Papa Bear (voice) (uncredited) 1948-02-27
Movie Rabbit Punch The Champ 1948-04-10
Movie Make Mine Freedom Labor employee (voice) 1948-02-25
Movie The Bee-Deviled Bruin Henry Bear (voice) (uncredited) 1948-05-13
Movie Tom and Jerry Classic Collection Volume 3 Unknown 1948-12-11
Movie The Truce Hurts Butch 1948-07-17
Movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Western Character (uncredited) 1947-09-01
Movie Wide Open Spaces Motel proprietor 1947-09-12
Movie Pluto's Blue Note Music Store Proprietor 1947-12-26
Movie Solid Serenade Evil Laugh 1946-08-31
Movie The Verdict Gravedigger 1946-11-23
Movie The Mouse Comes to Dinner 1945-01-01
Movie Duck Pimples Detective Hennessey 1945-08-10
Movie Quiet Please! Spike 1945-12-22
Movie Incendiary Blonde Clown 1945-08-31
Movie Old Sequoia Donald's Boss 1945-12-21
Movie Trombone Trouble Pegleg Pete (voice) 1944-02-18
Movie Little Red Riding Rabbit Wolf 1944-01-04
Movie The Bodyguard Spike / Tom (Voice) 1944-01-01
Movie The Zoot Cat Bit Part 1944-02-26
Movie Gas Gas Cloud (voice) (uncredited) 1944-05-15
Movie Private Snafu vs. Malaria Mike Malaria Mike (voice) (uncredited) 1944-03-15
Movie Casanova Brown Father in Waiting Room (uncredited) 1944-08-23
Movie And the Angels Sing Club Patron (uncredited) 1944-04-25
Movie Who Killed Who? Detective, Ghost 1943-06-19
Movie Der Fuehrer's Face Nazi 1943-01-01
Movie Yankee Doodle Daffy Sleepy Lagoon (singing voice) 1943-07-03
Movie The Old Army Game Sgt. Pete 1943-11-05
Movie Boss of Rawhide Jed Bones 1943-11-20
Movie Whistling in Brooklyn Announcer (uncredited) 1943-12-01
Movie Symphony Hour Pete / Sylvester Macaroni 1942-03-20
Movie Donald Gets Drafted Sgt. Pete 1942-05-01
Movie The Vanishing Private Sgt. Pete 1942-09-25
Movie Sky Trooper Sgt. Pete 1942-11-06
Movie Daffy's Southern Exposure Wolf (voice) (uncredited) 1942-05-01
Movie Cracked Nuts Parachute Man 1941-07-02
Movie Timber Pierre (voice) 1941-01-10
Movie Meet John Doughboy Short Soldier 1941-07-04
Movie Robot Wrecks Froggy's Father (uncredited) 1941-07-12
Movie The Thrifty Pig Big Bad Wolf 1941-11-19
Movie Dumbo Clown (voice) 1941-10-22
Movie Whistling in the Dark Radio Effects Man (uncredited) 1941-08-08
Movie Edison, the Man Reporter 1940-05-10
Movie The Riveter Pegleg Pete 1940-03-15
Movie Buck Benny Rides Again Last Porter 1940-05-31
Movie The Ape Short Mustached Posse Man 1940-09-30
Movie Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip Pete 1940-11-01
Movie Melody Ranch Scarlet Shadow Radio Actor 1940-09-15
Movie Pluto's Dream House Magic Lamp 1940-08-30
Movie Polar Pals I. Killem 1939-06-02
Movie Porky's Movie Mystery Invisible Man 1939-03-10
Movie Mama's New Hat Captain 1939-02-10
Movie A Haunting We Will Go Ghost (voice) 1939-08-27
Movie Seal Skinners Captain 1939-01-27
Movie The Practical Pig Big Bad Wolf 1939-02-24
Movie The Lone Ranger Rides Again The Masked Lone Ranger (voice) 1939-02-25
Movie The Film Fan Narrator (voice) 1939-12-16
Movie The Autograph Hound Security Guard 1939-09-01
Movie Destry Rides Again Pianist 1939-11-30
Movie Zorro's Fighting Legion Don Del Oro (voice) 1939-12-16
Movie Officer Duck Tiny Tom (voice) 1939-10-10
Movie Dancing Co-Ed Radio Man (voice) (uncredited) 1939-09-29
Movie Poultry Pirates Captain 1938-04-15
Movie Now That Summer Is Gone Father (voice) 1938-05-13
Movie Boy Meets Dog Voice 1938-03-10
Movie The Lone Ranger Lone Ranger (voice) 1938-02-13
Movie Hide and Shriek Haunted House Ghouls (voice) 1938-01-02
Series The Captain and the Kids Captain 1938-02-19
Movie A Day at the Beach Captain 1938-06-24
Movie You're an Education Singing Tibetan / Thief of Baghdad (voice) 1938-11-04
Movie Men with Wings Red Cross Man 1938-07-16
Movie The Winning Ticket The Captain (voice) 1938-10-01
Movie Farmyard Symphony bull 1938-10-14
Movie Porky in Wackyland Roaring Goon (voice) 1938-09-24
Movie The Mexicali Kid Stagecoach Driver 1938-09-13
Movie Professor Beware Shoeshine Customer 1938-07-29
Movie Academy Award Review of Walt Disney Cartoons Big bad wolf (voice) 1937-05-18
Movie Modern Inventions Robot Butler 1937-05-29
Movie The Californian Tax Collector 1937-07-18
Movie Porky's Romance Time Munches On Narrator 1937-04-03
Movie Porky's Railroad Silver Fish Engineer 1937-08-06
Movie The Worm Turns Dog Catcher 1937-01-02
Movie Pigs Is Pigs Evil Scientist (voice) 1937-01-08
Movie Porky's Road Race Borax Karoff 1937-02-07
Movie Lonesome Ghosts Short Ghost 1937-12-24
Movie The Case of the Stuttering Pig Lawyer Goodwill 1937-10-30
Movie Egghead Rides Again Boarding Room Clerk / Egghead (voice) (uncredited) 1937-11-29
Movie Speaking of the Weather Public Enemy #1 / Judge 1937-09-04
Movie Playing The Ponies Announcer (uncredited) 1937-10-15
Movie Donald's Ostrich Villain on Radio 1937-12-10
Movie I Wanna Be a Sailor Papa Parrot 1937-09-25
Movie Little Beau Porky Ali-Mode, Commandant 1937-10-13
Movie The Lyin' Mouse Lion (voice) 1937-10-15
Movie Early to Bed Office Boy 1936-06-05
Movie Moving Day Pete 1936-06-20
Movie Dick Whittington's Cat Cook 1936-05-30
Movie An All American Toothache Plumber #1 (uncredited) 1936-01-25
Movie Rhythm on the Range Buck's Friend 1936-07-01
Movie Lash of the Penitentes Narrating Missionary 1936-04-12
Movie Three Little Wolves Big Bad Wolf 1936-04-18
Movie Alpine Antics Bully 1936-03-08
Movie The Big Broadcast of 1937 Property Man 1936-10-05
Movie Milk and Money Mr. Viper 1936-12-27
Movie I Love to Singa Father (voice) 1936-07-18
Movie Three Blind Mouseketeers Captain Katt 1936-09-26
Movie Porky in the North Woods Trapper 1936-12-18
Movie Satan Met a Lady Father of Sextuplets 1936-07-22
Movie How to Vote Man on Platform (uncredited) 1936-09-04
Movie Little Boy Blue Wolf 1936-07-30
Movie The Tin Man The Tin Man (voice) 1935-03-30
Movie The Robber Kitten Dirty Bill 1935-04-12
Movie Life Begins at Forty Hog Caller 1935-03-22
Movie I Haven't Got a Hat Beans, Ex 1935-03-09
Movie Who Killed Cock Robin? Judge Oliver Owl 1935-06-25
Movie Mickey's Service Station Pete 1935-02-23
Movie The Lost City Gorzo 1935-03-06
Movie The Golden Touch King Midas 1935-03-22
Movie Pluto's Judgement Day Cat Prosecutor 1935-09-27
Movie Gold Diggers of '49 Beans 1935-11-01
Movie Man on the Flying Trapeze Timekeeper (uncredited) 1935-08-03
Movie Coronado Waiter (uncredited) 1935-11-27
Movie Twin Triplets Merchant (uncredited) 1935-10-12
Movie Billboard Frolics Dave Rub-Em-Off 1935-11-09
Movie Two-Fisted Cop 1935-10-03
Movie A Cartoonist's Nightmare Voices 1935-09-21
Movie Balloon Land Pincushion Man (voice) 1935-09-30
Movie Maid in Hollywood Information Clerk (uncredited) 1934-05-19
Movie The Old Fashioned Way Tomato Thrower (uncredited) 1934-07-13
Movie Goofy Movies Number Two Christopher Columbus (uncredited) 1934-02-24
Movie The Big Bad Wolf Big Bad Wolf 1934-04-14
Movie The First Round-Up Wally's Father 1934-05-04
Movie One-Horse Farmers Subway Passenger (uncredited) 1934-08-01
Movie Two-Gun Mickey Pegleg Pete (voice) (uncredited) 1934-12-15
Movie Babes in Toyland Chief of Police (uncredited) 1934-12-14
Movie Punch Drunks Fight Announcer 1934-07-13
Movie The Dognapper Pete 1934-11-17
Movie Three Chumps Ahead Second Waiter (uncredited) 1934-07-14
Movie Me and My Pal Police Dispatcher (voice) (uncredited) 1933-04-22
Movie Diplomaniacs Schmerzenschmerzen (uncredited) 1933-04-28
Movie Taxi Barons Host - Jenna's Father 1933-03-31
Movie A Lady's Profession Keyhole McKluskey 1933-03-03
Movie Call Her Sausage Meyer (uncredited) 1933-05-12
Movie The Mad Doctor Dr. XXX 1933-01-21
Movie Mickey's Mellerdrammer Horace Horsecollar 1933-03-17
Movie Building a Building 1933-01-07
Movie Rhapsody in Brew Meyer Schmaltz 1933-09-29
Movie Keg o' My Heart Meyer Schmaltz 1933-11-11
Movie One Track Minds Passenger with Whiskers (uncredited) 1933-05-20
Movie Bedtime Worries Radio Voice 1933-09-08
Movie Air Fright Stunt Aviator 1933-12-23
Movie The Midnight Patrol Radio dispatcher (voice) 1933-08-03
Movie Three Little Pigs Big Bad Wolf (voice) 1933-05-27
Movie The Rummy Taxicab Company Mechanic (uncredited) 1933-06-09
Movie Bridge Wives Radio announcer 1932-02-21
Movie The Tabasco Kid Susie (voice) 1932-01-30
Movie Runt Page Bears Bugs (voice) 1932-04-11
Movie The Dentist Mr. Foliage - Bearded Patient 1932-12-09
Movie A Slip at the Switch Feeny 1932-08-08
Movie Sneak Easily Police Radio Announcer (uncredited) 1932-12-10
Movie Trader Hound Trader Hound / Native King (voice) (uncredited) 1931-04-08
Movie The Secret Witness Radio Announcer's Voice 1931-12-31
Movie Branded Men Half-A-Rod 1931-11-07
Movie Loose Ankles Mr. Berry from Logan (uncredited) 1930-02-02
Movie Show Girl in Hollywood Sign Man Scraping Names off Doors 1930-04-20
Movie Top Speed Ipps 1930-08-23
Movie Soup to Nuts Revolutionary (uncredited) 1930-09-28
Movie Dancing Sweeties Bud 1930-07-18
Movie The Dude Cowboy Shorty O'Day 1926-10-30
Movie That's the Spirit 1924-09-01
Movie Dry and Thirsty Horace Radish 1920-02-15
Movie A Bashful Bigamist Mr. Smith 1920-07-15
Movie A Roman Scandal Stage Director 1919-11-30
Movie One Too Many Unhappy Boarder 1916-02-16
Movie The Serenade 1916-03-02