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Syria native John George, a little person (4' 10", per his 1925 United States citizenship naturalization Declaration of Intention document), was an actor who appeared in numerous films starting from 1916. Much later in his career he appeared in several television series. The vast majority of his roles throughout the years were uncredited bit parts. (NOTE: On Mr. George's 1925 document referred to above, he signed his name "Tufei Filhela known as John George". Elsewhere on the page - his details filled in via the hand of someone else - his last name is spelled Filthela. Per the mentioned document he came to the United States in April 1912, via France.)

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Jan 20, 1898 - In Aleppo, Syria
Movie/TV Credits:
First Appeared:
In the movie Shoes 1916-06-26
Latest Project:
Movie One-Eyed Jacks 1961-03-30

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John George Filmography & Movies

Movie One-Eyed Jacks Townsman (uncredited) 1961-03-30
Movie Ocean's Eleven (uncredited) 1960-02-17
Movie Heller in Pink Tights Cheyenne Audience Member (uncredited) 1960-03-01
Movie The Miracle Bullfight Spectator (uncredited) 1959-11-12
Movie I Want to Live! Courtroom Spectator (uncredited) 1958-11-18
Movie Man of a Thousand Faces Extra in Bullpen (uncredited) 1957-10-01
Movie The Killing Racetrack Spectator (uncredited) 1956-05-08
Movie The Conqueror Drummer (uncredited) 1956-03-28
Series The Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu Kolb 1956-09-03
Movie Around the World in Eighty Days Marcher in Parade (uncredited) 1956-10-17
Movie Beyond a Reasonable Doubt Newspaper Vendor (uncredited) 1956-09-05
Movie The Great Man Mourner (uncredited) 1956-12-01
Movie East of Eden Townsman at Carnival (uncredited) 1955-03-09
Movie Kiss Me Deadly Popcorn Vendor (uncredited) 1955-05-18
Movie The Prodigal Citizen (uncredited) 1955-05-06
Movie Apache Shoeshine Man (uncredited) 1954-07-09
Movie The Egyptian Man in Street (uncredited) 1954-08-25
Movie The Silver Chalice Audience Member (uncredited) 1954-12-20
Movie Deep in My Heart Street Vendor (uncredited) 1954-12-24
Movie The President's Lady Spectator at Speech (uncredited) 1953-05-21
Movie Desert Legion (uncredited) 1953-05-08
Movie Here Come the Girls Audience Member (uncredited) 1953-10-22
Movie Flight to Tangier Cart Vendor (uncredited) 1953-11-20
Movie Scaramouche Show Spectator (uncredited) 1952-05-08
Movie Singin' in the Rain Audience Member (uncredited) 1952-04-10
Movie Pat and Mike Tennis Match Spectator (uncredited) 1952-06-13
Movie Son of Paleface Johnny (uncredited) 1952-07-14
Movie Off Limits Boxing Match Spectator (uncredited) 1952-12-30
Movie Against All Flags Pirate at Auction (uncredited) 1952-12-24
Movie The Prowler Man in Crowd (uncredited) 1951-05-25
Movie A Streetcar Named Desire Passerby (uncredited) 1951-09-18
Movie Ten Tall Men Tovic (uncredited) 1951-10-26
Movie My Favorite Spy Merchant (uncredited) 1951-12-25
Movie Crisis Man In Street Crowd (uncredited) 1950-07-07
Movie The Flame and the Arrow Townsman (uncredited) 1950-07-09
Movie A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Peasant (uncredited) 1949-04-22
Movie Kiss the Blood Off My Hands (uncredited) 1948-10-30
Movie Killer McCoy Man at Gym (uncredited) 1947-12-01
Movie California Miner (uncredited) 1947-02-21
Movie The Private Affairs of Bel Ami Vendor (uncredited) 1947-04-25
Movie The Hoodlum Saint Mug (uncredited) 1946-04-04
Movie Canyon Passage Miner (uncredited) 1946-07-17
Movie Two Sisters From Boston Man Operating Winking-Eye Poster (uncredited) 1946-06-06
Movie A Song to Remember Servant (uncredited) 1945-01-19
Movie The Picture of Dorian Gray (uncredited) 1945-03-01
Movie The Spanish Main Pirate (uncredited) 1945-10-01
Movie Her Highness and the Bellboy News Vendor (uncredited) 1945-11-11
Movie The Whistler Bum (uncredited) 1944-03-30
Movie Du Barry Was a Lady Villager (uncredited) 1943-08-13
Movie The Desert Song Riff (uncredited) 1943-12-17
Movie Road to Morocco Food Vendor (uncredited) 1942-11-10
Movie Road to Zanzibar Carnival Crowd Extra (uncredited) 1941-04-11
Movie A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob Newsboy Outside Opera House (uncredited) 1941-03-14
Movie Ringside Maisie Boxing Match Spectator (uncredited) 1941-08-01
Movie Shadow of the Thin Man Wrestling Match Spectator (uncredited) 1941-11-21
Movie Phantom Raiders Man in Cafe (uncredited) 1940-06-17
Movie Captain Caution Sailor (uncredited) 1940-08-09
Movie Foreign Correspondent Extra 1940-08-16
Movie Dark Streets of Cairo Second Peddler Asked to Delay Inspector (uncredited) 1940-12-01
Movie Let Freedom Ring Railroad Worker (uncredited) 1939-02-24
Movie At the Circus Man Leaving Diner (uncredited) 1939-10-20
Movie Lucky Night Flower Man (uncredited) 1939-05-05
Movie City in Darkness Victor At Gangland Bistro (uncredited) 1939-11-15
Movie Tower of London Spy (uncredited) 1939-11-17
Movie If I Were King Beggar (uncredited) 1938-09-28
Movie The Prince and the Pauper Beggar (uncredited) 1937-05-08
Movie Man Of The People Man On Street (uncredited) 1937-01-27
Movie Stand-In Man at Studio Gate (uncredited) 1937-10-29
Movie Under Two Flags Arab (uncredited) 1936-05-01
Movie The Preview Murder Mystery The Gnome (uncredited) 1936-02-28
Movie Riffraff Fisherman (uncredited) 1936-01-03
Movie Trouble for Two Small Man with Entourage (uncredited) 1936-05-29
Movie Rose Marie Barfly (uncredited) 1936-01-31
Movie The Jungle Princess Native (uncredited) 1936-12-23
Movie Master Will Shakespeare Townsman (uncredited) 1936-06-13
Movie Two in a Crowd (uncredited) 1936-10-03
Movie The Garden of Allah Waiter (uncredited) 1936-10-14
Movie San Francisco Custodian at Blackie Norton's (uncredited) 1936-06-26
Movie The Devil Is a Woman Street Beggar (uncredited) 1935-05-03
Movie Mark of the Vampire Gypsy (uncredited) 1935-04-26
Movie Bride of Frankenstein Villager (uncredited) 1935-04-21
Movie Public Hero Number 1 Convict (uncredited) 1935-05-31
Movie The Black Room Inn Waiter (uncredited) 1935-07-15
Movie The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo (uncredited) 1935-11-13
Movie I Live My Life Greek Following Kay (uncredited) 1935-10-04
Movie Dante's Inferno Abdullah (uncredited) 1935-08-23
Movie Charlie Chan in Egypt Harip, The Grave Opener (uncredited) 1935-06-04
Movie Bombay Mail Vendor (uncredited) 1934-01-06
Movie The Black Cat Cultist (uncredited) 1934-05-07
Movie The Cat's-Paw Gangster (uncredited) 1934-08-07
Movie Babes in Toyland Barnaby's Minion (uncredited) 1934-12-14
Movie The Monkey's Paw Hindu (uncredited) 1933-01-13
Movie Hallelujah I'm a Bum Bum (uncredited) 1933-02-03
Movie Voltaire Protester in Montage (uncredited) 1933-08-05
Movie Hell Divers Barfly (uncredited) 1932-01-16
Movie Devil and the Deep (uncredited) 1932-08-12
Movie Island of Lost Souls Beast (uncredited) 1932-12-01
Movie Chandu the Magician Bidder at Slave Market (uncredited) 1932-09-18
Movie Dracula Scientist (uncredited) 1931-02-12
Movie Iron Man Card Player (uncredited) 1931-04-29
Movie Son of India Beggar (uncredited) 1931-08-01
Movie Smart Money Extra on Train (uncredited) 1931-07-11
Movie The Unholy Garden Arab (uncredited) 1931-10-28
Movie Outside the Law Humpy 1930-09-18
Movie Under a Texas Moon (uncredited) 1930-04-01
Movie Way for a Sailor (uncredited) 1930-11-01
Movie The Charlatan Count Merlin's Assistant (uncredited) 1929-04-13
Movie Condemned Inmate 1929-11-03
Movie The Big City The Arab 1928-03-23
Movie The Man Who Laughs (uncredited) 1928-04-27
Movie The King of Kings (uncredited) 1927-01-01
Movie The Night of Love Jester 1927-01-22
Movie The Unknown Cojo 1927-06-04
Movie My Best Girl Newspaper Seller (uncredited) 1927-10-31
Movie The Road to Romance 1927-10-08
Movie Mare Nostrum Servant (uncredited) 1926-02-15
Movie The Volga Boatman Red Army Soldier (uncredited) 1926-05-23
Movie The Bells Mesmerist Announcer (uncredited) 1926-07-29
Movie The Road to Mandalay Servant 1926-06-26
Movie Don Juan (uncredited) 1926-08-06
Movie Code of the Sea Demon (uncredited) 1924-06-02
Movie Helen's Babies Gypsy (uncredited) 1924-10-11
Movie The Red Lily Doorkeeper (uncredited) 1924-09-08
Movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame (uncredited) 1923-09-06
Movie Where the Pavement Ends Napuka Joe 1923-01-02
Movie Scaramouche Polichinelle 1923-09-15
Movie The Prisoner of Zenda Assassin 1922-09-11
Movie The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Argentine Ranch Resident (uncredited) 1921-03-06
Movie The Conquering Power Villager (uncredited) 1921-07-08
Movie Some Shimmiers Ruffian (uncredited) 1920-01-12
Movie Outside the Law Humpy (uncredited) 1920-12-26
Movie The Adventures of Daredevil Jack Seaman 1920-06-30
Movie The Trail of the Octopus Borno - The Ape Man 1919-10-19
Movie Frauds and Frenzies Prisoner (uncredited) 1918-11-17
Movie Triumph Backstage Extra (uncredited) 1917-09-02
Movie Black Orchids Ali Bara 1917-01-01
Movie Shoes Department Store Customer (uncredited) 1916-06-26