Babylon 5 (1994)

Babylon 5 is a five-mile long space station located in neutral space. Built by the Earth Alliance in the 2250s, it's goal is to maintain peace among the various alien races by providing a sanctuary where grievances and negotiations can be worked out among duly appointed ambassadors. A council made up of representatives from the five major space-faring civilizations - the Earth Alliance, Minbari Federation, Centauri Republic, Narn Regime, and Vorlon Empire - work with the League of Non-Aligned Worlds to keep interstellar relations under control. Aside from its diplomatic function, Babylon 5 also serves as a military post for Earth and a port of call for travelers, traders, businessmen, criminals, and Rangers.

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  • J. Michael Straczynski
Seasons: 1 2 3 4 5
metacritic icon 8.7/10
themoviedb icon 8.1/10

  • Release Date: 1994-01-26
  • Language: En
  • Country: US
  • Runtime: 43 minutes
  • Company : -
  • Views: 386

Babylon 5 - Season 1 Episode List

  • Babylon 5 - Midnight on the Firing Line Wiki Reviews

    Episode 1 - Midnight on the Firing Line

    Release Date: 1994-01-26

    When the Narn attack a Centauri colony, Londo and G'Kar nearly come to blows. Meanwhile, raiders are attacking transport ships near the station.

  • Babylon 5 - Soul Hunter Wiki Reviews

    Episode 2 - Soul Hunter

    Release Date: 1994-02-02

    A badly damaged ship is brought into the station and the strange alien inside is identified as a soul hunter - an immortal race who can sense death and supposedly steal someone's soul.

  • Babylon 5 - Born to the Purple Wiki Reviews

    Episode 3 - Born to the Purple

    Release Date: 1994-02-09

    Londo unknowingly falls for a beautiful slave, whose owner wants her to steal sensitive information. Garibaldi discovers that someone is using a restricted communications channel.

  • Babylon 5 - Infection Wiki Reviews

    Episode 4 - Infection

    Release Date: 1994-02-16

    Dr. Franklin gets a visit from an old friend and former mentor, xenoarchaeologist Dr. Vance Hendricks who wants Franklin's help to analyze some organic artifacts he found on a dead world. But the artifacts seem to have a will of their own and start to manipulate Hendricks' assistant.

  • Babylon 5 - The Parliament of Dreams Wiki Reviews

    Episode 5 - The Parliament of Dreams

    Release Date: 1994-02-23

    Sinclair's old flame, Catherine Sakai, arrives during a week-long festival when humans and aliens demonstrate their dominate religious beliefs. An old enemy sends an assassin to kill G'Kar.

  • Babylon 5 - Mind War Wiki Reviews

    Episode 6 - Mind War

    Release Date: 1994-03-02

    The Psi-Cops arrive at the station to capture a rogue telepath, Talia's old Psi Corps instructor. Catherine Sakai is warned not to survey Sigma 957 by G'Kar.

  • Babylon 5 - The War Prayer Wiki Reviews

    Episode 7 - The War Prayer

    Release Date: 1994-03-09

    A racist group is terrorizing non-humans on Babylon 5. Meanwhile Londo has trouble with two young Centauri who want to break with tradition by ignoring their arranged marriages, and instead marry for love.

  • Babylon 5 - And the Sky Full of Stars Wiki Reviews

    Episode 8 - And the Sky Full of Stars

    Release Date: 1994-03-16

    Sinclair is kidnapped and interrogated by two men determined to prove he betrayed earth during the Battle of the Line.

  • Babylon 5 - Deathwalker Wiki Reviews

    Episode 9 - Deathwalker

    Release Date: 1994-04-20

    Na'Toth attacks an alien woman that has just arrived on the station, claiming that she is the Dilgar war criminal Jha'dur - known as Deathwalker. Meanwhile, Talia is hired by Kosh to oversee some rather strange negotiations.

  • Babylon 5 - Believers Wiki Reviews

    Episode 10 - Believers

    Release Date: 1994-04-27

    An alien couple comes to Dr. Franklin with their fatally ill son. The child could be cured by a simple operation, but the parents' religion specifically forbids it. Meanwhile, Ivanova escorts a damaged star liner through raider territory.

  • Babylon 5 - Survivors Wiki Reviews

    Episode 11 - Survivors

    Release Date: 1994-05-04

    There is an explosion in one of the fighter bays just days before the president is to visit Babylon 5. A dying man implicates Garibaldi, which is just what the head of presidential security wants to hear, as she blames him for her father's death.

  • Babylon 5 - By Any Means Necessary Wiki Reviews

    Episode 12 - By Any Means Necessary

    Release Date: 1994-05-11

    The station's dock workers stage an illegal strike after an accident in the docking bays. G'Kar tries to take part in a Narn religious ceremony, but must find a replacement G'Quan-Eth plant that was destroyed in the accident.

  • Babylon 5 - Signs and Portents Wiki Reviews

    Episode 13 - Signs and Portents

    Release Date: 1994-05-18

    A Centauri noble comes to Babylon 5 to transport an important relic in Londo's possession back to the homeworld. And a mysterious man visits all the alien ambassadors asking them an unusual question.

  • Babylon 5 - TKO Wiki Reviews

    Episode 14 - TKO

    Release Date: 1994-05-25

    Garibaldi is surprised when an old friend comes to Babylon 5 to fight in the "Mutai" - a savage alien fighting arena. Meanwhile, Ivanova has trouble dealing with her father's death.

  • Babylon 5 - Grail Wiki Reviews

    Episode 15 - Grail

    Release Date: 1994-07-06

    A man comes to Babylon 5 asking the alien ambassadors for information that can help him with his quest to find the Holy Grail, while a Downbelow gangster gives security problems by mind-wiping all who oppose him.

  • Babylon 5 - Eyes Wiki Reviews

    Episode 16 - Eyes

    Release Date: 1994-07-13

    Sinclair's decisions the last year catch up with him, when an internal affairs investigator arrives to test the crew's loyalty to Earth Force with the help of a telepath. And Lennier shows great interest in Garibaldi's attempt at assembling a 1990's motorcycle.

  • Babylon 5 - Legacies Wiki Reviews

    Episode 17 - Legacies

    Release Date: 1994-07-20

    A Minbari war cruiser comes to Babylon 5 to display the body of a recently dead Minbari leader, while Ivanova and Talia battle for the fate of a young girl with newly discovered telepathic powers.

  • Babylon 5 - A Voice in the Wilderness (1) Wiki Reviews

    Episode 18 - A Voice in the Wilderness (1)

    Release Date: 1994-07-27

    Strange signals start coming from Epsilon 3, the planet below Babylon 5. A science ship is sent to investigate, but is fired upon by a defense system on the planet. Meanwhile Garibaldi worries about a lover he left back on Mars, when fighting breaks out there.

  • Babylon 5 - A Voice in the Wilderness (2) Wiki Reviews

    Episode 19 - A Voice in the Wilderness (2)

    Release Date: 1994-08-03

    The situation heats up when an Earth Force heavy cruiser arrives to "protect Earth's interests", and the fusion reactors on Epsilon 3 start going out of control, and may blow up the planet and Babylon 5.

  • Babylon 5 - Babylon Squared Wiki Reviews

    Episode 20 - Babylon Squared

    Release Date: 1994-08-10

    Babylon 4 reappears at the same place it disappeared four years before, and Sinclair and Garibaldi lead an expedition to evacuate its crew. Meanwhile Delenn is summoned by the Grey council. They inform her that they have selected a new leader - her.

  • Babylon 5 - The Quality of Mercy Wiki Reviews

    Episode 21 - The Quality of Mercy

    Release Date: 1994-08-17

    Dr. Franklin investigates an unlicensed medical practitioner in Downbelow, while Londo takes Lennier for a tour of Babylon 5's seedier locales. And in the brig, a convicted murderer waits for his sentence to be carried out - the death of personality.

  • Babylon 5 - Chrysalis Wiki Reviews

    Episode 22 - Chrysalis

    Release Date: 1994-10-03

    The Centauri are about to withdraw from a quadrant of space because the Narn are harassing them, when Londo gets an offer to take care of the problem. Meanwhile, Garibaldi tries to find out what his informant stumbled upon that got him killed.

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