Fairy Tail (2009)

Lucy is a 17-year-old girl, who wants to be a full-fledged mage. One day when visiting Harujion Town, she meets Natsu, a young man who gets sick easily by any type of transportation. But Natsu isn't just any ordinary kid, he's a member of one of the world's most infamous mage guilds: Fairy Tail.

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  • Masashi Sogo
  • Hiro Mashima
Seasons: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
themoviedb icon 7.7/10

  • Release Date: 2009-10-12
  • Language: Ja
  • Country: JP
  • Runtime: 25 minutes
  • Company : -
  • Views: 392

Fairy Tail - Season 4 Episode List

  • Fairy Tail - [151] Sabertooth Wiki Reviews

    Episode 1 - [151] Sabertooth

    Release Date: 2012-10-06

    Legion pays Fairy Tail a special visit! Fairy Tail learns of Sabertooth, the number one guild in Fiore! And what lies beneath the original Fairy Tail base of operations?!

  • Fairy Tail - [152] We Aim For The Top! Wiki Reviews

    Episode 2 - [152] We Aim For The Top!

    Release Date: 2012-10-13

    Natsu meets up with Max and they decide to have a showdown. Being pushed back, Natsu has to enter his Lightning Flame Dragon Mode to defeat Max. Surprised at the difference between the power 7 years ago and now, Natsu and others visit Porlyusica to ask her for a medicine. At the guild, Makarov attempts to announce a new guild master but the things are quickly turned around when everyone finds out that Gildarts decided to leave for another journey. Later, with teary eyes Wendy tells everyone that Porlyusica's smell and voice reminds her of Grandeeney. Back at the guild, Makarov decides that Fairy Tail will join an exciting event in order for them to regain the top spot - the Grand Magic Games.

  • Fairy Tail - [153] Song of the Stars Wiki Reviews

    Episode 3 - [153] Song of the Stars

    Release Date: 2012-10-20

    Fairy Tail's best is back, but to rock the Grand Magic Games, they've got to make up seven years worth of time in only 3 months! It's time for some seriously hard training! But before that, a little party in the Spirit World can't hurt, right?

  • Fairy Tail - [154] Just Enough Time to Pass Each Other Wiki Reviews

    Episode 4 - [154] Just Enough Time to Pass Each Other

    Release Date: 2012-10-27

    There are only five days left 'til the Grand Magic Games begin, but Natsu and company still aren't ready for it. But then they meet up with Crime Sorciere, a small, independent guild led by an old frenemy. The members of this newish guild promise to help Fairy Tail "power up" in exchange for a favor...

  • Fairy Tail - [155] Crocus, the Blooming Capital Wiki Reviews

    Episode 5 - [155] Crocus, the Blooming Capital

    Release Date: 2012-11-03

    Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, and Wendy are chosen to represent their guild in the Grand Magic Games, which are to be held in Fiore's capital Crocus. As they tour the city, Natsu and his friends meet Sting and Rogue, who mock Natsu for not being able to kill Acnologia and boast killing the dragons who raised them. At midnight that night, Fairy Tail and the other participating guilds are put through a preliminary event—a race through a massive floating labyrinth—designed to narrow the guilds down to eight teams.

  • Fairy Tail - [156] Sky Labyrinth Wiki Reviews

    Episode 6 - [156] Sky Labyrinth

    Release Date: 2012-11-10

    In the elimination round, Natsu and the others have to make their way through the Sky Labyrinth, a giant mind-bending maze full of rotating walls and vicious rivals!

  • Fairy Tail - [157] The B-Team Wiki Reviews

    Episode 7 - [157] The B-Team

    Release Date: 2012-11-17

    The eight participating guilds of the Grand Magic Games are introduced! Along with Fairy Tail, there are old friends and rivals, old and new enemies...

  • Fairy Tail - [158] Lucy vs. Flare Wiki Reviews

    Episode 8 - [158] Lucy vs. Flare

    Release Date: 2012-11-24

    In the first battle of the first day of the Magic Games, Lucy is pitted against Raven Tail's Flare, whose long locks are deadly.

  • Fairy Tail - [159] Song of the Stars Wiki Reviews

    Episode 9 - [159] Song of the Stars

    Release Date: 2012-10-20

    With the Grand Magic Games occurring in three months time, Lucy and her friends go to a seaside resort to begin their training section. On their second day of training, Virgo appears and tells the wizards that the Celestial Spirit World is in danger of destruction. When the wizards arrive, they instead find a surprise party held by the Celestial Spirit King celebrating their return from Tenrou Island after seven years. They spend a day partying with the spirits, only to realize Virgo before they leave that one day in the spirit world equals three months in the human world.

  • Fairy Tail - [160] Bad Omen Wiki Reviews

    Episode 10 - [160] Bad Omen

    Release Date: 2012-12-08

  • Fairy Tail - [161] Chariot Wiki Reviews

    Episode 11 - [161] Chariot

    Release Date: 2012-12-15

  • Fairy Tail - [162] Elfman vs. Bacchus Wiki Reviews

    Episode 12 - [162] Elfman vs. Bacchus

    Release Date: 2012-12-22

    The battle portions of the second day continue with Kurohebi defeating Toby Horhorta and then showing his crueller side by ripping Toby's prized sock. Whilst everyone is watching the Games, malicious activities seem to be happening in the background, with Wendy, Porlyusica and Carla almost being kidnapped! In the midst of this chaos, an error by Arcadios sees Elfman fighting Bacchus.

  • Fairy Tail - [163] Mirajane vs. Jenny Wiki Reviews

    Episode 13 - [163] Mirajane vs. Jenny

    Release Date: 2013-01-05

    Instead of duking it out for their match, former pinup models Mirajane and Jenny go head to head in a crowd-pleasing swimsuit pageant.

  • Fairy Tail - [164] Kagura vs. Yukino Wiki Reviews

    Episode 14 - [164] Kagura vs. Yukino

    Release Date: 2013-01-12

    The last battle of the second day pits Kagura, Mermaid Heel's strongest wizard against Yukino, a young Celestial Spirit Wizard on Sabertooth's side.

  • Fairy Tail - [165] Grudges are Wrapped in the Silence of the Night Wiki Reviews
  • Fairy Tail - [166] Pandemonium Wiki Reviews

    Episode 16 - [166] Pandemonium

    Release Date: 2013-01-26

    Confronted by the Sabertooth Guild Master himself, Jiemma, Natsu decides to fight him all-out in their lodgings. Despite his attacks, he is unable to deal even a scratch on him. Eventually, their "fight" is interrupted with the arrival of Minerva and her hostage, Happy, forcing Natsu to leave reluctantly. The following day, the Grand Magic Games resume with a new event: Pandemonium. However, the beasts within the domain of this event appear to be quite challenging for the participants.

  • Fairy Tail - [167] 100 versus 1 Wiki Reviews

    Episode 17 - [167] 100 versus 1

    Release Date: 2013-02-02

    In the event called Pandemonium, Erza has opted to take on 100 powerful magic-generated monsters by herself...

  • Fairy Tail - [168] Laxus vs. Alexei Wiki Reviews

    Episode 18 - [168] Laxus vs. Alexei

    Release Date: 2013-02-09

    The third day of the Grand Magic Games proceeds into the battle portions. The first match, Mermaid Heel's Millianna and Quatro Puppy's Semmes, results in an unexpected win. Rufus Lohr easily dominates Eve Tearm in the following match. Then, in the next match between the father-and-son Guilds, an unexpected play from Raven Tail seemingly gives them an incredible advantage against even Laxus Dreyar.

  • Fairy Tail - [169] Wendy vs. Cheria Wiki Reviews

    Episode 19 - [169] Wendy vs. Cheria

    Release Date: 2013-02-16

    Laxus takes on Raven Tail's elite, but they're after something more than a win! And then there's Wendy vs.

  • Fairy Tail - [170] Small Fist Wiki Reviews

    Episode 20 - [170] Small Fist

    Release Date: 2013-02-23

    The match between Wendy Marvell and Chelia Blendy continues, with Chelia using her ultimate move. Elsewhere, Jellal watches the match, noting the dark magic. However, as the battle ends, he realizes that the evil aura is coming from someone else. As he tries to chase the mysterious person, he is quickly intercepted by Doranbolt and Lahar.

  • Fairy Tail - [171] Naval Battle Wiki Reviews

    Episode 21 - [171] Naval Battle

    Release Date: 2013-03-02

    As Fairy Tail happily parties in a bar to celebrate their earlier victories, others all around Crocus contemplate the harsh realities of things they have witnessed on the third day, and those to come. Malice also lurks in Sabertooth, as, in the Naval Battle event the following day, Minerva succeeds in brutally attacking Lucy as a demonstration of her guilds power.

  • Fairy Tail - [172] The Perfume I Dedicate to You Wiki Reviews

    Episode 22 - [172] The Perfume I Dedicate to You

    Release Date: 2013-03-09

    Whilst Lucy is in the infirmary due to Minerva's cruel play in the Naval Battle event, Fairy Tail Team A and B are forced to merge to even out the odd number of teams. With tension building between Sabertooth and Fairy Tail, the tag battles begin with Team Blue Pegasus against Team Quatro Puppy, the man in the blue bunny suit finally revealing his identity.

  • Fairy Tail - [173] Battle of Dragon Slayers Wiki Reviews

    Episode 23 - [173] Battle of Dragon Slayers

    Release Date: 2013-03-16

    The fourth day of the X791 Grand Magic Games continue with the second match of the day, Lamia Scale against Mermaid Heel. Both sides struggle to win, only to end the battle in a draw, leading to the beginning of the last match between Fairy Tail's and Sabertooth's Dragon Slayers.

  • Fairy Tail - [174] Four Dragons Wiki Reviews

    Episode 24 - [174] Four Dragons

    Release Date: 2013-03-23

    The fourth day's final battle between Sabertooth and Fairy Tail kicks off with Natsu and Gajeel proving themselves as formidable opponents against the Twin Dragons of Sabertooth, but when push comes to shove, Sting and Rogue decide to utilize their trump card and turn the tides of the battle.

  • Fairy Tail - [175] Natsu vs. the Twin Dragons Wiki Reviews

    Episode 25 - [175] Natsu vs. the Twin Dragons

    Release Date: 2013-03-30

    The tag battle of the Dragon Slayers comes to a close, with Natsu intrepidly overpowering the combined attacks of Sting and Rogue. The Sabertooth members watch in dismay, whilst Jiemma seethes in anger over the defeat of the Twin Dragons, causing the nearby spectators to be frightened away. On the contrary, the rest of Fairy Tail celebrates in joy as its team receives 10 points, finally surpassing Team Sabertooth by only a single point. Meanwhile, Gajeel, back to his senses after being dragged by Natsu into a cart earlier, stumbles upon a cave full of dragon skeletons, much to his shock. And during that night, Jellal finally manages to corner the source of the dark aura, standing in complete disbelief at the identity of the mysterious, hooded person.

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