QI (2003)

QI is a British comedy panel game television quiz show created and co-produced by John Lloyd, hosted by Stephen Fry, and featuring permanent panellist Alan Davies. Most of the questions are extremely obscure, making it unlikely that the correct answer will be given. To compensate, points are also awarded for interesting answers, regardless of whether they are right or even relate to the original question. Points are also deducted from a panellist who gives answers which are wrong, pathetically obvious, or obviously a joke. The show makes use of a loud siren and flashing lights, as a form of humiliation.

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  • John Lloyd
Seasons: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
themoviedb icon 8.1/10

  • Release Date: 2003-09-11
  • Language: En
  • Country: GB
  • Runtime: 30 minutes
  • Company : -
  • Views: 615

QI - Season 12 Episode List

  • QI - L-Animals Wiki Reviews

    Episode 1 - L-Animals

    Release Date: 2014-10-03

    From lonely whales to larval locomotives, Stephen Fry takes a look at the animal kingdom themed around the letter L. With Sarah Millican, Ross Noble, Colin Lane and Alan Davies.

  • QI - Location, Location, Location Wiki Reviews

    Episode 2 - Location, Location, Location

    Release Date: 2014-10-10

    Jason Manford, Aisling Bea and Johnny Vegas look at some quite interesting locations.

  • QI - Literature Wiki Reviews

    Episode 3 - Literature

    Release Date: 2014-10-17

    Lloyd Langford, Victoria Coren Mitchell and Jack Whitehall look at language.

  • QI - Levity Wiki Reviews

    Episode 4 - Levity

    Release Date: 2014-10-24

    Josh Widdicombe, Sue Perkins and Frank Skinner look at levity, levitation and lights.

  • QI - Lenses Wiki Reviews

    Episode 5 - Lenses

    Release Date: 2014-10-31

    Jo Brand, Josh Widdicombe and Phill Jupitus look at parts of the body beginning with L.

  • QI - Liblabble Wiki Reviews

    Episode 6 - Liblabble

    Release Date: 2014-11-07

    Reverend Richard Coles, Sara Pascoe and Bill Bailey look through a list of L-themed larks.

  • QI - Lethal Wiki Reviews

    Episode 7 - Lethal

    Release Date: 2014-11-21

    Stephen Fry looks at the quite interesting side of all things lethal, with a deadly and dangerous panel of Bill Bailey, Sandi Toksvig, Jason Manford and Alan Davies.

  • QI - Lovely Wiki Reviews

    Episode 8 - Lovely

    Release Date: 2014-11-28

    Stephen Fry looks into love with the rather lovely Josh Widdicombe, Aisling Bea, Tony Hawks, and Alan Davies.

  • QI - Ladies and Gents Wiki Reviews

    Episode 9 - Ladies and Gents

    Release Date: 2014-12-05

    The ladies and gents on the panel are Ross Noble, Kathy Lette, Sue Perkins and Alan Davies.

  • QI - Lying Wiki Reviews

    Episode 10 - Lying

    Release Date: 2014-12-12

    Stephen Fry seeks out the truth about liars and lying with Sara Pascoe, Jack Whitehall, Adam Hills and Alan Davies.

  • QI - Lumped Together Wiki Reviews

    Episode 11 - Lumped Together

    Release Date: 2014-12-19

    Stephen Fry lumps together a whole lot of L-themed larks, from lava lamps to love handles. With David Mitchell, Ronni Ancona, Jimmy Carr and Alan Davies.

  • QI - No L Wiki Reviews

    Episode 12 - No L

    Release Date: 2014-12-25

    Carrie Fisher, Bill Bailey, Jimmy Carr and Alan Davies are in the QI Christmas special.

  • QI - Lucky Losers Wiki Reviews

    Episode 13 - Lucky Losers

    Release Date: 2015-01-02

    Jeremy Clarkson, Sandi Toksvig and Danny Baker take a look at luck and loss.

  • QI - Little and Large Wiki Reviews

    Episode 14 - Little and Large

    Release Date: 2015-01-09

    Stephen Fry and Alan Davies looks at the multi-sized world of the little and the large with Phill Jupitus, Richard Osman and Lucy Porter.

  • QI - Long Lost Wiki Reviews

    Episode 15 - Long Lost

    Release Date: 2015-01-16

    Stephen Fry and Alan Davies are joined by Jimmy Carr, Claudia O'Doherty and Suggs.

  • QI - Landmarks Wiki Reviews

    Episode 16 - Landmarks

    Release Date: 2015-01-23

    Stephen Fry and Alan Davies are joined by Jo Brand, David Mitchell and Colin Lane.

  • QI - VG: Part One Wiki Reviews

    Episode 17 - VG: Part One

    Release Date: 2015-01-30

    A compilation of some of the best bits from Series L.

  • QI - VG: Part Two Wiki Reviews

    Episode 18 - VG: Part Two

    Release Date: 2015-02-06

    More of the best bits from Series L.

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