The Blacklist (2013)

Raymond "Red" Reddington, one of the FBI's most wanted fugitives, surrenders in person at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. He claims that he and the FBI have the same interests: bringing down dangerous criminals and terrorists. In the last two decades, he's made a list of criminals and terrorists that matter the most but the FBI cannot find because it does not know they exist. Reddington calls this "The Blacklist". Reddington will co-operate, but insists that he will speak only to Elizabeth Keen, a rookie FBI profiler.

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  • Jon Bokenkamp
Seasons: 1 2 3 4 5
metacritic icon 7.7/10
themoviedb icon 7/10

  • Release Date: 2013-09-23
  • Language: En
  • Country: US
  • Runtime: 43 minutes
  • Company : -
  • Views: 405

The Blacklist - Season 1 Episode List

  • The Blacklist - Pilot Wiki Reviews

    Episode 1 - Pilot

    Release Date: 2013-09-23

    The race to stop a terrorist begins in the premiere of this crime series about a most-wanted fugitive who works with a rookie FBI profiler to take down criminals and evildoers.

  • The Blacklist - The Freelancer Wiki Reviews

    Episode 2 - The Freelancer

    Release Date: 2013-09-30

    Red and Liz go under cover to stop an assassin known as The Freelancer from killing his next target; Ressler and a recently re-hired CIA agent try to protect Red from a distance; Liz wonders what she should do about Tom and the mysterious box.

  • The Blacklist - Wujing Wiki Reviews

    Episode 3 - Wujing

    Release Date: 2013-10-07

    The FBI is on the hunt for a high-ranking Chinese spy, Wujing which Red claims has hired him to help decode a classified CIA transmission. Liz, posing as an FBI cryptographer goes with Red to decode the message while protecting US government secrets. Meanwhile, Liz proactively investigates Tom.

  • The Blacklist - The Stewmaker Wiki Reviews

    Episode 4 - The Stewmaker

    Release Date: 2013-10-14

    While continuing her investigation into the truth about Tom, Liz testifies against drug lord, Hector Lorca. Later another witness is abducted when he is forced to testify against the dangerous drug trafficker. Red’s interest is peaked and he informs the team that the witness may have been taken by "The Stewmaker" a man responsible for hundreds of missing and presumed dead people. Meanwhile, in an unlikely twist of events, Red and Ressler must work together for the first time.

  • The Blacklist - The Courier Wiki Reviews

    Episode 5 - The Courier

    Release Date: 2013-10-21

    Red and the FBI try to stop a dangerous messenger (Robert Knepper) whose appearance is unknown; Liz is thrust into a kidnapping plot.

  • The Blacklist - Gina Zanetakos Wiki Reviews

    Episode 6 - Gina Zanetakos

    Release Date: 2013-10-28

    Tom claims he is innocent and wants to turn the box into the FBI; Red's next target is a beautiful and deadly corporate terrorist (Margarita Levieva).

  • The Blacklist - Frederick Barnes Wiki Reviews

    Episode 7 - Frederick Barnes

    Release Date: 2013-11-04

    The FBI searches for the man responsible for a chemical attack on a subway; Liz wants to avoid Red after he implicated Tom.

  • The Blacklist - General Ludd Wiki Reviews

    Episode 8 - General Ludd

    Release Date: 2013-11-11

    When Red reveals a new name, Liz learns of a plot to destroy the country's financial system; Tom helps Liz when a loved one falls ill.

  • The Blacklist - Anslo Garrick (1) Wiki Reviews

    Episode 9 - Anslo Garrick (1)

    Release Date: 2013-11-25

    Anslo Garrick, the newest person on the blacklist, tries to capture Red; Liz is caught in an elevator.

  • The Blacklist - Anslo Garrick (2) Wiki Reviews

    Episode 10 - Anslo Garrick (2)

    Release Date: 2013-12-02

    Liz infiltrates the blacksite and disarms the signal jammers to call in backup but runs into trouble along the way. The fate of Ressler hangs in the balance as Red tries to bargain with Anslo Garrick. Meanwhile, Tom becomes increasingly worried about Liz’ situation and the fate of Red is unknown.

  • The Blacklist - The Good Samaritan Killer Wiki Reviews

    Episode 11 - The Good Samaritan Killer

    Release Date: 2014-01-13

    A serial killer from Liz's past strikes again while Red hunts for whoever betrayed him.

  • The Blacklist - The Alchemist Wiki Reviews

    Episode 12 - The Alchemist

    Release Date: 2014-01-20

    Red informs the team that "The Alchemist" - a man who relies upon science to transform a person’s DNA - has been contracted to protect a well-known mob informant and his wife. As the team goes undercover to catch him, Liz finds herself on the hunt for an unlikely couple. Meanwhile Liz and Tom find themselves at another bump in their relationship and Ressler debates whether or not he should give his ex-girlfriend his blessing.

  • The Blacklist - The Cyprus Agency Wiki Reviews

    Episode 13 - The Cyprus Agency

    Release Date: 2014-01-27

    After a recent spate of abductions of babies from their mothers, Red informs Liz that the "Cyprus Agency" is the illegal adoption organization responsible. Coincidentally, Liz and Tom contemplate adoption of their own which fuels Liz to track down the organizations CEO, Owen Mallory.

  • The Blacklist - Madeline Pratt Wiki Reviews

    Episode 14 - Madeline Pratt

    Release Date: 2014-02-24

    Liz helps Tom adjust to the impending adoption; Red reveals a woman from his past is a target; Red convinces Liz to pull of a heist at the Syrian Embassy.

  • The Blacklist - The Judge Wiki Reviews

    Episode 15 - The Judge

    Release Date: 2014-03-03

    Red believes he knows who was responsible for a prominent prosecutor's 12 year disappearance; Red investigates the woman who tempts Tom.

  • The Blacklist - Mako Tanida Wiki Reviews

    Episode 16 - Mako Tanida

    Release Date: 2014-03-17

    One of Red's former associates, a crime lord, becomes the next target; Tom decides to confront Jolene.

  • The Blacklist - Ivan Wiki Reviews

    Episode 17 - Ivan

    Release Date: 2014-03-24

    After a cyber defense asset is stolen by a terrorist only known as Ivan, Red and Liz discover a cover-up; new evidence regarding Jolene's disappearance unravels some of the mystery surrounding Tom.

  • The Blacklist - Milton Bobbit Wiki Reviews

    Episode 18 - Milton Bobbit

    Release Date: 2014-03-31

    Red and the team search for a life insurance claim adjuster who talks people into becoming contract killers; Liz and Red try to uncover Tom's secrets.

  • The Blacklist - The Pavlovich Brothers Wiki Reviews

    Episode 19 - The Pavlovich Brothers

    Release Date: 2014-04-21

    As the team tries to protect a target of the Pavlovich brothers -- specialists in abductions -- Red has a job of his own for the duo; Liz patiently pursues the truth about Tom.

  • The Blacklist - The Kingmaker Wiki Reviews

    Episode 20 - The Kingmaker

    Release Date: 2014-04-28

    Red thinks the Kingmaker (Linus Roache), a strategist, is responsible when a politician in Prague is framed for murder; Liz uncovers a secret Red has been hiding.

  • The Blacklist - Berlin (1) Wiki Reviews

    Episode 21 - Berlin (1)

    Release Date: 2014-05-05

    After discovering the truth behind her father's death, Liz refuses to work with Red, just as his situation grows desperate.

  • The Blacklist - Berlin: Conclusion (2) Wiki Reviews

    Episode 22 - Berlin: Conclusion (2)

    Release Date: 2014-05-12

    In the stunning Season 1 finale, Liz is forced to reunite with Red in order to track down Berlin.

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