Twisted Tales (1996)

Twisted Tales is an Australian television Anthology and Mystery drama which screened on the Nine Network in 1996. Each episode was narrated by Bryan Brown, who also produced the follow-up series, Two Twisted, in 2006. Each episode of the series contains a twist ending.

Twisted Tales Movie Wiki

Seasons: 1
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  • Release Date: 1996-01-01
  • Language: en
  • Country: AU
  • Runtime: 30 minutes
  • Company : -
  • Views: 49

Twisted Tales - Season 1 Episode List

  • Twisted Tales - Episode 1 Wiki Reviews

    Episode 1 - Episode 1

    Release Date: 1996-01-01

    Jack is a con man that can talk himself out of anything. All his skills are needed when his liquor store is held up.

  • Twisted Tales - Episode 2 Wiki Reviews

    Episode 2 - Episode 2

    Release Date: 1996-01-02

    Two children are torn between separated parents, one of whom has a secret.

  • Twisted Tales - Episode 3 Wiki Reviews

    Episode 3 - Episode 3

    Release Date: 1996-01-03

    An artist's subject for a portrait dies before it is completed. He comes up with an unusual plan so that he can complete the painting.

  • Twisted Tales - Episode 4 Wiki Reviews

    Episode 4 - Episode 4

    Release Date: 1996-01-04

    A bad-tempered businessman meets a mysterious fellow traveller on an aeroplane flight. After he hits his head during turbulence he suddenly finds his life completely changed.

  • Twisted Tales - Episode 5 Wiki Reviews

    Episode 5 - Episode 5

    Release Date: 1996-01-05

    A man is dominated by his interfering mother. He has a new girlfriend but is reluctant to introduce her to his mother. So his mother takes it upon herself to find out about her.