Queer As Folk (2000)

Brash humor and genuine emotion make up this original series revolving around the lives, loves, ambitions, careers and friendships of a group of gay men and women living on Liberty Avenue in contemporary Pittsburgh, PA. The show offers an unapologetic look at modern, urban gay and lesbian lives while addressing the most critical health and political issues affecting the community. Sometimes racy, sometimes sensitive and always straight to the heart.

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  • Daniel Lipman
  • Ron Cowen
Seasons: 1 2 3 4 5
metacritic icon 9.1/10
themoviedb icon 7.6/10

  • Release Date: 2000-12-03
  • Language: En
  • Country: US
  • Runtime: 45 minutes
  • Company : -
  • Views: 280

Queer As Folk Cast & Crew

Scott Lowell

Ted Schmidt

Thea Gill

Lindsay Peterson

Bruce Gray

George Schickel

Noam Jenkins


Keir Gilchrist

Jim Stockwell Jr.

Gale Harold

Brian Kinney

Randy Harrison

Justin Taylor

Hal Sparks

Michael Novotny

Peter Paige

Emmett Honeycutt

Sharon Gless

Debbie Novotny

Alec McClure

Chris Hobbs

Michelle Clunie

Melanie Marcus

Robert Gant

Ben Bruckner

Harris Allan

James 'Hunter' Montgomery

Sherry Miller

Jennifer Taylor

Jack Wetherall

Vic Grassi

Stephen Amell

Spinning Instructor

Jane Moffat

Nancy Henderson

Carlo Rota

Gardner Vance

Barna Moricz

Kip Thomas

Jason Jones

Dominic Scolotto

Rosie O'Donnell

Loretta Pye

Matt Battaglia

Drew Boyd

Adam Harrington

Connor James

Robin Thomas

Sam Auerbach

Chris Potter

Dr. David Cameron

Lawrence Dane

Jack Kinney

Peter MacNeill

Detective Carl Horvath

John Furey

Craig Taylor

Fab Filippo

Ethan Gold

David Gianopoulos

Police Chief Stockwell

Mitch Morris

Cody Bell

Marnie McPhail

Rita Montgomery

Judah Katz

Pancho Ryder

Ryan Cooley

Hank Cameron

Don Allison

Ron Peterson

Mike Shara

Brett Keller

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