Hollyoaks (1995)

The daily soap that follows the loves, lives and misdemeanours of a group of people living in the Chester village of Hollyoaks where anything could, and frequently does, happen...

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  • Phil Redmond
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  • Release Date: 1995-10-23
  • Language: En
  • Country: GB
  • Runtime: 30 minutes
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Hollyoaks - Season 11 Episode List

  • Hollyoaks - A Helping Mand Wiki Reviews

    Episode 1 - A Helping Mand

    Release Date: 2005-01-03

    Mandy starts to regret taking such a firm line with Tony.

  • Hollyoaks - About Face Wiki Reviews

    Episode 2 - About Face

    Release Date: 2005-01-04

    Darlene turns to Craig for help in facing the world again.

  • Hollyoaks - Misera-Bella Wiki Reviews

    Episode 3 - Misera-Bella

    Release Date: 2005-01-05

    Zak pursues his quest to discover his flatmate's supposed secret.

  • Hollyoaks - Ball Play Wiki Reviews

    Episode 4 - Ball Play

    Release Date: 2005-01-06

    Justin attempts to mask his absence from school from his mates.

  • Hollyoaks - Table Talk Wiki Reviews

    Episode 5 - Table Talk

    Release Date: 2005-01-07

    Darlene steels herself for bad news from the consultant.

  • Hollyoaks - Jake's Progress Wiki Reviews

    Episode 6 - Jake's Progress

    Release Date: 2005-01-10

    A lonely Lisa finds solace in unlikely company.

  • Hollyoaks - Bearing Arms Wiki Reviews

    Episode 7 - Bearing Arms

    Release Date: 2005-01-11

    Steph discovers yet another object for her affection.

  • Hollyoaks - Aye, Candy Wiki Reviews

    Episode 8 - Aye, Candy

    Release Date: 2005-01-12

    Nicole's attempts to celebrate her birthday lead to unhappy returns.

  • Hollyoaks - In the Neck Wiki Reviews

    Episode 9 - In the Neck

    Release Date: 2005-01-13

    Jack is horrified at the aftermath of OB's night in charge of The Dog. Darlene is nervous of the thought of having the operation. Egged on by Mel, she tries Sophie's scar lotion, feeling better, Craig takes her to the juice bar, but she breaks down after a remark is made. Jack sacks OB. Zara writes an article about body boost, and how it is a rip off, much to the dismay of Steph. Paula and Candy bond in detention.

  • Hollyoaks - Reverse Call Wiki Reviews

    Episode 10 - Reverse Call

    Release Date: 2005-01-14

    Jake begins to have trouble covering his tracks. Justin tried to help Darlene pack for the trip, however his help was unappreciated. Jake found keeping his double life secret, and confessed his guilt to Lisa. He also was worried on what Dan might think. Zara's article caused lot of trouble for Richard and Stuart almost lost their jobs. Liz and Darlene bonded. Becca planned a big night for her and Jake, Jake was late as he was with Lisa. Candy and Paula left Nicole out. Candy told Justin about Paula's mum, Justin seemed shocked, surprised. Justin gave his wages to Darlene to help with her operation.

  • Hollyoaks - Value Added Max Wiki Reviews

    Episode 11 - Value Added Max

    Release Date: 2005-01-17

    Pent-up emotions get the better of the manager of Drive'n'Buy. Becca was understanding about Jake not turning up on Friday, not knowing he was secretly seeing Lisa! Lisa bought Jake a present before sending him a very sexy text. Stu lost his bonus as he couldn't recruit new members at Body Boost due to Zara's article. Food was causing arguments at the halls. Jake and Lisa couldn't resist temptation and slept together. Bella wound Lisa and Zara up. Bella and Cameron planned a night in of scrabble and opera before been interrupted by a very drunk Zak. Max moaned to OB about been single then refused to go out to meet girls. He went home early and bonded with Mel, before planning a date with her.

  • Hollyoaks - Reverse Thrust Wiki Reviews

    Episode 12 - Reverse Thrust

    Release Date: 2005-01-18

    Steph tries to muscle in on Stuart at the gymnasium. Dan's Inquest said accidental death. Sally asked Lisa to come home. Sally made her feel guilty about leaving home, Lisa felt sorry for her, until Sally made a nasty remark about Lisa's self-harming past. Steph made advances at Stuart. Zak was sick of Bella's and Cameron's middle-aged behavior. Mandy felt the pressure at Gnosh. Justin was tutored by Becca. Cameron and Bella enjoyed a night in, before a storm caused a power cut over Hollyoaks. Justin confessed to Becca about feeling depressed over his lack of achievement in his education. Stuart turned Steph down, causing him to speculate him been gay. Becca found a soaking Lisa in the village and insistently took her to Jake's. Zak was later confronted by Bella and Cameron about making nasty labels for their food, he then made the decision to move to another hall. Jake and Lisa meet up in the middle of night and were nearly caught by Becca.

  • Hollyoaks - The Odd Couple Wiki Reviews

    Episode 13 - The Odd Couple

    Release Date: 2005-01-19

    Jake and Lisa suffer a long-overdue attack of conscience. Lisa woke up at the Davies, feeling lost and alone, Becca was then really sympathetic to Lisa making Lisa feel so much. Steph woke to find her hair was chemically damaged from the pool water. Body Boost threatened to sue Zara because of the article. Cameron was worried people finding him boring. OB was suspicious of an unusually happy Max. Lisa told Jake it breaks for heart to see him with Becca, and been so secret. Zara was sacked from the student magazine. OB planned a date with Sophie. Lisa broke up with Jake.

  • Hollyoaks - Board, Stupid Wiki Reviews

    Episode 14 - Board, Stupid

    Release Date: 2005-01-20

    Zara exercises her vocal chords in protest at Body Boost. Justin felt the strain of missing so much school, he shared his concerns with Becca, who helped him. Zara launched a full scale demonstration outside Body Boost however was really unsuccessful. Cameron felt stuck in a rut, he talked to Bella, who encouraged him to open up, and Cameron told him about his suicide attempt. Bella then showed sympathy to Lisa about Dan, then asked to be friends with her and Zara. Justin felt more optimistic about school, after taking Becca's advice. Cameron decorated the garden with candles and danced the night away with Bella. They then shared a kiss. Zara told Steph that journalism helped her discover the real "Zara Morgan" Becca was gutted to learn her gran had suffered a stroke and told Jake she was going home for a week.

  • Hollyoaks - Duvet Day Wiki Reviews

    Episode 15 - Duvet Day

    Release Date: 2005-01-21

    Jake and Lisa are finally caught in the act. Max, Mel, OB and Sophie prepared for their dates. Becca left to visit her Gran. Cameron tried to make the halls more homey. Jake and Lisa had an awkward encounter in the village. Justin stole a book. Bella had disappeared from halls in the middle of the night. The dates were extremely disastrous. Cameron worried frantically about Bella. Cameron and Zara later had a heart-to-heart and Cameron confessed he loved Bella. Zara caught Lisa and Jake!

  • Hollyoaks - Caught Short Wiki Reviews

    Episode 16 - Caught Short

    Release Date: 2005-01-24

    Zara counsels Lisa over her recent bout of bedhopping. Max is feeling down about been single. Cameron was worried about Bella's disappearance and called an emergency meeting with the gang to find out what had happened to Bella. After lots of en-quires they found out she is £7000 in debt. Ali receives a desperate phone call from Darlene. Zara confronts Lisa about Jake, but Lisa covers up with a lame excuse about Dan. Cameron opened a letter addressed to Bella from her mother, inside is bad photo of Bella, in chavvy clothing. Cameron later checked with admin who said she had left university and the halls. Steph harshly tell a devastated Cameron that Bella never cared about anyone including him. Max and OB spot one of the twins in the village, but are unsure which one it is. After Max talks to the twin who says her date was boring, Max calls her Mel, before Sophie corrects him and have a chat together. Ali tells Nathan that he feels angry at Justin still for what he has done to Darlene. This is aggravated by a call from Darlene saying she can...

  • Hollyoaks - Nothing to Blouse About Wiki Reviews

    Episode 17 - Nothing to Blouse About

    Release Date: 2005-01-25

    A mini battle of the sexes rages between Dannii and Russell. Danni is sick of Russ's and Joe's sexist jokes. Sophie tells Mel she knows about her date with Max. Zara was worried about Lisa. Ali was feeling frustrated about the family's reactions to Justin. Danni challenges Joe and Russ to a competition. Lisa and Jake panic about Zara telling Becca. Ali's and Justin's phones were confiscated, much to Ali's annoyance. Justin was mad about Ali's behavior. Justin and Ali later came to blows. Sophie and Max plan a date. Nathan separated them, however Ali told Justin he hated him and wished he could have nothing to do with him. Russ tried to ask Danni out on a date. Lisa found it hard to give up Jake.

  • Hollyoaks - Joe Schmoe Wiki Reviews

    Episode 18 - Joe Schmoe

    Release Date: 2005-01-26

    The Village claims another victim - but who is responsible? Ali continued to wind up Justin. Danni and the boy's challenge began. Zara told Jake she'd tell Becca, despite Jake's pleas. Jake was in trouble at work for taking time off again to be with Lisa. Joe and Danni had a swimming race, which Danni won. After an incident involving a football shirt Justin was falsely accused, only Ali knew the truth. Zara cooked a meal for Lisa, but Lisa failed to show as she was with Jake. Joe was mugged and beaten to the ground by a group of girls. Mel wound Sophie up about her secret date.

  • Hollyoaks - Soph Far, So Good Wiki Reviews

    Episode 19 - Soph Far, So Good

    Release Date: 2005-01-27

    Max wonders whether he's finally found the right woman. Danni and Russ found Joe lying on the ground motionless. Tom refused to go to sleep after a nightmare about the car crash. Max was late for Sophie because he had to deal with Tom, Joe was bruised badly and in shock. Sophie's and Max's date went well. Joe later collapsed in A and E. Ali and Justin called a truce. Tom refused to sleep, as he was too frightened. Joe refused to tell Danni and Russ the truth and insisted he had fell. Lisa and Jake spent another night together. Joe later confessed the truth however refused to go to the police.

  • Hollyoaks - Putting the Boot In Wiki Reviews

    Episode 20 - Putting the Boot In

    Release Date: 2005-01-28

    Justin's determined to discover the truth about Nathan. Joe left hospital. Sophie and Max were smitten. Lisa was feeling guilty. Russ and Danni tried to get to the bottom of Joe's attack. OB and Max wound each other up. Joe, Danni and Russ had a heart-to-heart, Joe confessed how embarrassed and ashamed he felt and that he felt useless as he hadn't been able to defend himself. He later said that he couldn't go to the police because of his dad. Jake skipped work to be with Lisa. Mel and OB were jealous of Max and Sophie texting their secret partners. Nathan was acting suspicious. OB and Mel found out about Max and Sophie. Lisa was worried about Jake's commitment to Becca, and challenged him after he received a call of Becca. Lisa ranted at him before Jake announced Becca's Gran had died. Justin and Ali followed Nathan to Chester Gate FC, a top club where he turned out to be a ball boy. Danni, Russ and Joe talked about the state of country and how it was ruined by yobs.

  • Hollyoaks - Dean Counter Wiki Reviews

    Episode 21 - Dean Counter

    Release Date: 2005-01-31

    Frankie brings bad tidings from a meeting with Johnno. Lisa stayed in her room all weekend. Zara tried to make Lisa see reality about Jake. OB opened "Valentine's Inc." Mel and OB bonded, when Mel offered to help. Ali quizzed Nathan, who was acting suspiciously. Johnno called Frankie, and asked to meet her. Jake broke Lisa's heart and told her that it is over. Craig was feeling optimistic about his parents. Zara wound up Jake in front of Craig. Jake left to visit Becca. Frankie told Craig that Johnno wanted a divorce.

  • Hollyoaks - Fast Feud Wiki Reviews

    Episode 22 - Fast Feud

    Release Date: 2005-02-01

    Nicole mounts a campaign to wreck Candy's career plan. Mel set OB up on a blind date. Paula, Nicole and Paula gave up chocolate for lent. Craig tried to encourage Frankie to get back with his dad. Candy was told all she is good for is flipping burgers, so Paula and Nicole hatched a plan which was spiking her cookery project so she failed and studied instead. Ali found out that Nathan's dad is the manager of Chester Gate FC. Johnno wrote to Frankie saying his grounds for divorce is unreasonable behavior on Frankie's part. OB was nervous for his big date. Justin was starting to feel Jealous of Nathan. Craig was mad at Frankie's lack of dignity and left her in the divorce courts. Johnno had demanded either half or all debts paid. Craig harshly told Frankie that the reason Johnno left her is because she always put him down. OB's date was disastrous. Candy broke down when her FT project went wrong. Frankie planned to counter sue Johnno. OB and his date ended up arguing. Candy told Nicole and Paula that she had a learning difficulty that is why...

  • Hollyoaks - Punch the Crock Wiki Reviews

    Episode 23 - Punch the Crock

    Release Date: 2005-02-02

    Justin and Nathan engage in some brawl stories. Craig wanted Frankie to see reality. Justin offered Nathan his bike. Nicole felt guilty about the cookery incident. OB tried to set Lee up with Mel, he then rang every single one of his mates who all weren't interested. Mrs Hunter (Sally) offered Justin learning support, but he didn't accept it as he was too proud. OB eventually paid Ben £20 to go out with Mel. Nicole and Candy made up, but Paula was determined to cause trouble. Steph accused Craig of depression. Lee felt bitter that people were always talking to him like a child because of Dan. Whilst having a heart-to-heart, Steph was amazed at the similarities between Craig and Johnno. Nathan beat Justin at a football game until Justin pulled a dirty foul and kicked Nathan badly. Mel was excited about her date with Ben. Nathan later confronted Justin and teased him about boot camp. Eventually they fought and Sally walked in just as Justin had Nathan by the neck. Nathan told Sally he started the fight. Frankie got extremely drunk.

  • Hollyoaks - Cupboard Love Wiki Reviews

    Episode 24 - Cupboard Love

    Release Date: 2005-02-03

    Circumstances bring Ali and Paula together in a locked closet. Mel was depressed about Ben standing her up. Paula wound Justin up. Sophie's constant flirting with Max only wound Mel up more. Lisa couldn't stop thinking about Jake, she was glad to hear that he was returning to the village that evening. Justin was having a bad day and managed to upset Paula, Nathan and Ali. Becca and Jake returned to the village. Paula and Ali flirted in detention. Mel found out that OB had paid Ben. Paula and Ali got locked in an art cupboard. OB tried to get Mel to forgive him. Paula told Ali that her mother used to lock her in a cupboard as a child. She then secretly smiled when he hugged her. Lisa spent the day decorating Tony's apartment for her and Jake. Becca and Jake later returned home just as Lisa was about to change. Lisa told Becca Jake had rang her and asked her to surprise Becca for him. OB and Mel made up. Becca found a postcard from Tony that had a picture of Rome.

  • Hollyoaks - Third Party Wiki Reviews

    Episode 25 - Third Party

    Release Date: 2005-02-04

    Jake has to choose yet again between Becca and Lisa. Mandy returned to find a closed Gnosh. Jake played the perfect boyfriend. Mandy told Becca that shes over Tony and the number one man in her life now is Tom. Lisa resented Jake and Becca's relationship. Justin was glad Becca was back. Things were back to normal for OB and Mel. Lisa and Jake slept together. Lisa later told Jake she didn't want to end up like Debbie and Dan. Mandy got excited about the postcard, however broke down when she realized it was Becca's. She told Becca that she still loved Tony. Lisa bumped into Becca in the village who told her all the details from last night. Mandy planned to fly to Rome to see Tony how she felt. Nathan and Justin got on better until Justin accidentally slipped that he knew about his dad. Jake let Lisa down to be with Becca.

  • Hollyoaks - Absolute-Lee Wiki Reviews

    Episode 26 - Absolute-Lee

    Release Date: 2005-02-07

    A wayward streak leads Lee back into the arms of the past. Tony was in Rome. Darren returned from Magaluf with a girl, Louise. Lee was bored of student life, So him and Bombhead entered a radio competition. Ben challenged Russ to a 10K run for Comic Relief. Abby returned to the village and bumped into Lee. Louise caused a stir throughout the village. Tony met a girl in Rome. Darren got a mystery call. Lee and Bombhead spent the day running round Liverpool. Mandy kept phoning Tony.

  • Hollyoaks - Floss Leader Wiki Reviews

    Episode 27 - Floss Leader

    Release Date: 2005-02-08

    Bombhead strays upon a chance for true love. Mandy arrived in Rome and searched the city for Tony. Jack found Darren naked in the dog. Ben had a bad hangover. Bombhead and Lee were in Liverpool and had decided to make it into an adventure. Mandy had a culture shock in Rome. Bombhead met a girl, Cherry. Tony flirted with Sylvia (girl from yesterday). Russ and Ben had lasting impressions of Louise. The dog was £200 down, Jack accused Darren, who suggested that Louise is having money problems. Jack searched Louise's bag and found money of the same amount. Mandy continued to look for Tony and had plenty of near-misses. Russ told Ben he felt guilty about his Dad. Bombhead and Cherry bonded. Sylvia told Mandy Tony's address. Darren had some pictures sent from Malgulf and a text message suggesting times up. Mandy and Tony came face to face; Tony was shocked to see her. He told Mandy he is staying in Rome and that she was right, there didn't go together. Bombhead announced he is in love.

  • Hollyoaks - Engaged Tone Wiki Reviews

    Episode 28 - Engaged Tone

    Release Date: 2005-02-09

    Senor Hutchinson gets to grips with Italian culture. Mandy couldn't stop thinking of Tony. Bombhead was besotted with Cherry. Lee and Bombhead continued with the competition. Abby surprised Lee in Liverpool. She told Lee she regretted everything that had happened, and still loved him. Ben told Russ that Louise had had sex with him last night. Ben's engagement ring to Izzy was missing. Mandy was gutted about her and Tony. She again tried to find him in Rome. Louise went on a shopping spree. Mandy seen Sylvia and Tony holding hands laughing and assumed they were dating. A brick went through a window at the dog. Abby told Lee that they should be together, but Lee wasn't interested. Ben accused Darren and Louise about the rings and Darren suggested yet again that Louise was having money problems. Ben told Darren to stop lying as he had seen him in town coming outside the pawnbrokers. Darren then made the situation worst by taunting Ben and after a remark about Izzy not been able to have kids and leaving him, Ben punched Darren.

  • Hollyoaks - Bouquet of Barbed Wire Wiki Reviews

    Episode 29 - Bouquet of Barbed Wire

    Release Date: 2005-02-10

    Bombhead's heart is broken for the very first time. PART ONE: Mandy prepared to leave Rome. Bombhead was ecstatic to wake up on the beach with Cherry next to him. Ben stick to his promise and went with Darren to pay the money back along with Russ, however Louise and Darren had a showdown after Darren confronted her about sleeping with Ben. Abby told Lee she wants to return to Chester, he told her that things have moved on. Tony and Sylvia spent the night together but nothing happened he slept on the sofa as he said it didn't feel right. He told Sylvia that he was sick of Mandy dictating his life but he still loved her. Jack threw Louise out of the Dog, but she told Jack the truth, it was Darren who had been stealing not her. Sylvia convinced Tony to fall his heart and call Mandy. Cherry implied that she and Bombhead had had sex. Tony received Mandy's voice-mail. Abby left Liverpool for Brighton. Darren went to repay the money but Scott* was there. Scott said Darren owns him more than money. Tony went to the airport to get Mandy.

  • Hollyoaks - Petal Power Wiki Reviews

    Episode 30 - Petal Power

    Release Date: 2005-02-11

    Mandy has a serious proposition for Tony. PART TWO: Bombhead was broken hearted. Tony was gutted about missing Mandy. He turned round and Mandy was there, she said what they have is special and she isn't prepared to give that up. They declared love for one another. Ben was upset, seeing Scott had brought back all the bad memories. Mandy and Tony decided to start afresh. Mandy said she was sick of making mistakes and wanted to stop blaming Dennis. She felt optimistic about they relationship. Bombhead found a note from Cherry saying they will be together and she loves him forever. Darren begged Scott for his life. Scott told Darren it was him behind the threats, the phone calls, the SMS text messages. Russ tried to convince Ben to go and help Darren. Russ told Ben it wasn't about Darren, Jack, Izzy, his son, it was about him. Tony reintroduced himself to Mandy and asked her to marry him in Rome today! Scott was angry and sick of been disrespected. He then signaled two thugs to beat Darren. Scott then poured himself a drink and...

  • Hollyoaks - Fireman Sam Wiki Reviews

    Episode 31 - Fireman Sam

    Release Date: 2005-02-14

    OB gets his passion enflamed during a Valentine's encounter. Mandy and Tony returned from Rome. Lisa received a Valentine's Card and presumed it was from Jake. OB sent Mel a joke Valentine's card. Max was shocked when Tony and Mandy announced they were married. Mel didn't feel confident about serenading. Lee was obsessed with love and told Bombhead he wanted to restart his college life, he had dropped out of beauty and was going to become a proper "fresher." Jake received two cards and he had to open them in front of Becca. One was from his mum. The second one was from Lisa, so Jake lied to a suspicious Becca and told her that it was a joke off either Craig or Steph. Becca also received a card off Justin, which made Jake angry. Becca was so embarrassed and told him it was because she had told Justin that she had loved his essay and that it was just a schoolboy crush. Mandy told Max and Ben that she was happy and was completely sure of marrying Tony. Mandy also made sure that Tony knew who wore the trousers. Mel's costume stunned OB. Lee was gutted...

  • Hollyoaks - Lucky Gym Wiki Reviews

    Episode 32 - Lucky Gym

    Release Date: 2005-02-15

    The pressure to look good brings hope and hindrance for Lee and Bombhead. Lisa spent the night crying. Paula wrote herself a valentine's card out secretly and binned in view of Nicole and Candy. Zara was sympathetic of Lisa and assured her that she'd be happy one day. Bombhead and Lee were body conscious of what Mel had said. The sale of the pit stop had fell through and Les didn't want to go there because of all the memories of Dan. Lee and Bombhead went to Les for advice however the advice they were given was pessimistic. Ben told Jake that Scott was been sent away for a long time, and he (Ben) wanted revenge on Darren. Liz sent Richard a late valentine's card. Justin was happy when Richard asked him about school, the two bonded. Tony was worried about what Ben had said about the marriage not been legitimate and asked Jake for advice. Mandy overheard and went mad. Ben was also mad at Darren and put him through a grueling exercise regime. Bombhead and Lee decided to strip naked to see if they were normal. Tony tried hard to find out if he was legally married.

  • Hollyoaks - Hug of War Wiki Reviews

    Episode 33 - Hug of War

    Release Date: 2005-02-16

    Could Tony and Mandy's marriage be on the rocks already? Justin was mad at not been able to be a Ball-boy at Chester Gate FC. Lisa deleted Jake's messages, determined to start afresh. Mandy never came home again. Tony wanted to make amends with Mandy. Candy started having bad mood swings because of lack of chocolate. There was tension between Ali and Paula. Ben was depressed at his lack of sex. Max, been immature, was glad that Tony and Mandy had already fallen out. Lee went on a extreme diet/exercise regime. Mandy was keen to get on with her life and refused to speak to Tony. Nicole and Candy tried to set Paula and Ali up on a date by writing two fake notes and hiding them in Ali's and Paula's bag. Candy didn't place Ali's note correctly and he didn't receive it. Mandy and Carrie had a heart to heart. Carrie advised Mandy to think long and hard before she gives up Tony. Justin went to Becca for advice about the Ball boy job. Bombhead and Lee, sick of exercise used a MuscleMate to get fit. Lee's MuscleMate made his stomach cramp which made...

  • Hollyoaks - Liquid News Wiki Reviews

    Episode 34 - Liquid News

    Release Date: 2005-02-17

    A soused Max ends up doused. Mandy and Tony still weren't speaking, Lee and Bombhead were still trying to lose weight and Paula was depressed about Ali. Max and OB planned to swap partners, OB thought that Max meant swinging instead of double-dating. Tony planned to turn Gnosh into an Italian. Tony thought his marriage to Mandy was a sham. Candy and Nicole were confronted by an angry Paula. Mel and Sophie bickered over the boys. Justin was excited about been a Ball Boy. Ali told Nathan and Justin he doesn't fancy Paula. Stu put Lee and Bombhead through their paces. Paula planned Candy and Nicole about Ali not showing. She told them she doesn't like Ali, she's only turned up because she felt sorry for him. Tony and Mandy tried to make up but Tony told Mandy that he could only take so much and he couldn't stop thinking about her and Ben sleeping together months ago. Max and OB were obsessed with Mel and Sophie been twins. Justin and Nathan continued to wind up Ali. Justin and Nathan also told Ali they had sent the...

  • Hollyoaks - The Honeymooners Wiki Reviews

    Episode 35 - The Honeymooners

    Release Date: 2005-02-18

    Tony and Mandy pack up their troubles and head en vacances. Mandy and Tony planned the wedding party which included Mandy planning a surprise trip to France for her and Tony. Justin was obsessed about Becca. Lee and Bombhead were in agony after yesterday's workout. Max was upset about yesterday and the whole Mandy/Tony situation. Mel and Sophie were still comparing OB and Max. Tony was nervous so he went home to see Mandy, only for Mandy to be bleaching her mustache. Justin enjoyed been a Ball Boy and was asked back next week. He also tried to impress Becca. Mandy and Tony had trouble trying to write their vows. Becca told Mandy she'd say yes if Jake asked her to marry him. Becca accidentally split nail varnish over Mandy's wedding dress. Lee and Bombhead's date went bad as the girls walked in to catch them in a comprising position and thought they were gay. Tony was still mad at Ben, he was also worried that this relationship will end up like every other. Justin bought Becca some fancy chocolates. Max and OB started giving Justin really bad advice.

  • Hollyoaks - Gotta Lotta Bottle Wiki Reviews

    Episode 36 - Gotta Lotta Bottle

    Release Date: 2005-02-21

    A night of cheap ale in The Dog strikes a chord with Lisa and Zara. Lisa was back to normal. Lee was off the diet. Bombhead and Lee tried to cheer up a depressed Les. Jack was on Darren's back. The students were trying to revise, expect Steph and kept interrupting wanting to go drinking. Becca went to Sally for advice about Justin's crush. Sally said as long as they have a professional relationship it's OK. Becca realized she was in trouble as the tutoring meant she hasn't kept a professional relationship with Justin. Russ was feeling skint, and wanting Danni (Again!) Lisa and Steph continued to wind Cameron up until he gave in and took them out. Les searched for a job but the hunt was going badly, when he finally found a job Sally wasn't supportive and put him down. Lee vowed to get Les and Sally together again. Ali teased Justin about his crush on Becca. Lee put his plan in action and set his mum and dad on a date in The Dog. Jack sold the students dodgy Alco-pops for 50p. Russ made a move on an impressed Danni. Cameron asked Lisa what been going on.

  • Hollyoaks - Dannii, Boy? Wiki Reviews

    Episode 37 - Dannii, Boy?

    Release Date: 2005-02-22

    Russell charms his way onto Dannii's books. Sally couldn't stop thinking of the idea of Les leaving Chester for good. Zara and Lisa had a bad hangover. Russ revised for his job interview at the SU Bar by learning how to make cocktails, over the watchful eye of Sam (Liam). Sophie planned to spend the day with Max only for Max to want Sophie and Tom bond. Les and Sally planned pay back for Lee. They eventually sat down and told him that they had separated for good, but Lee read between the lines and didn't expect the separation. Zara was violently sick. Cameron went into a cleaning frenzy as Lisa and Zara kept vomiting everywhere. Tom thought that Sophie was Mel and called her ""new Mel"". Danni was unimpressed by Russ's flirting so Sam and Russ devised a plan to get the job by scaring the other contestants. Steph got irritated by Lisa and Zara been sick so Danni bribed her into been Russ's competition. Tom continued to act like a brat and kicked Sophie constantly. Les told Sally the job was in Norwich after all, meaning...

  • Hollyoaks - Russ About Nothing Wiki Reviews

    Episode 38 - Russ About Nothing

    Release Date: 2005-02-23

    Dannii struggles to get Russell to accept reality. Danni and Russ spent the night together however Danni told Russ she had noticed a lump on Russ's penis. Russ told Danni that he knew but was scared. Mel and Sophie planned to sleep with Max and OB that night and hatched a plan only for Max and OB to also hatch a plan to watch the football championship game. Russ spent the day crying when a concerned Sam (Liam) asked him what was wrong and joked about him sleeping with Danni, Russ flipped. He later snubbed Danni when she went round to see him. The lads went to the pictures with the girls then went home to watch the match. The girls followed them and tempted the boys while there were trying to watch football. When the lads told them to keep out the way of the box the girls walked out. Lisa went to the family clinic to get her pill and decided to take an STI/STD test just to check. Les and Sally made a truce.

  • Hollyoaks - Blueberry Ill Wiki Reviews

    Episode 39 - Blueberry Ill

    Release Date: 2005-02-24

    The students investigate the cause of their upset stomachs. Russ looked up testicular cancer on the net trying to find out more. The students were better. Lee caught Les sneaking out of Sally's room. Zara was determined to close Jack down for selling dodgy drinks. Lee was glad at the progress of Les and Sally's love life. Carrie and Sam (Liam) teased Russ about women making him flip. Sam realized something was up so he talked to Russ who told him Danni had noticed something and he was worried because he hadn't always been careful. Lisa was shocked when Lee told her about Les and Sally getting on. Lee told Lisa about the bachelor pad idea she said that moving out will make Sally feel more alone and advised against it. Sally and Bombhead got talking and Sally told Bombhead that she never stopped loving Les but the love had ""gone down a gear"". Zara and Jack had an argument, Zara told him she'll take the poisoning further. Zara then told everyone that she is starting her own student magazine that will tell only the truth.

  • Hollyoaks - Brother In Qualms Wiki Reviews

    Episode 40 - Brother In Qualms

    Release Date: 2005-02-25

    Russell relies on Sam's support during a clinical ordeal. Lee was gutted about Les moving so soon. Russ booked his appointment. Lisa was still shocked at how serious Chlamydia is. Richard was on Ali and Justin's case about the state of the house. Sam (Liam) was glad that Russ had decided to get checked. Russ insisted that he was OK going alone. Russ went to find he was the only person unaccompanied. Justin received a progress report which was excellent. Sam decided that Russ wasn't OK to go alone and turned up much to Russ's belief. Justin was distressed when he found out that Darlene and Liz were returning on Monday. Sally handed in her resignation and told Les that she was coming with him. Zara turned out to be serious about the student magazine and spent the day designing covers. Zara told Lisa that Jake may have given her Chlamydia and urged her to tell him to tell Becca. Russ's appointment went bad as the doctor said it could be cancer. Lee was pleased that his parents were back together, though he was gutted that they were leaving Chester.

  • Hollyoaks - Infection Detection Wiki Reviews

    Episode 41 - Infection Detection

    Release Date: 2005-02-28

    Lisa steels herself to pass bad news on to Jake. Lisa met up with Jake to tell him about the STI. Russ remained cooped up again. Richard planned a homecoming party for Darlene. Carrie was worried about Russ so she asked Sam who refused to say anything. Justin heard Richard slag him off and say he can never forgive him for he did to Darlene. Ali stuck up for Justin saying its time to move on. He walked out the back as Darlene walked in the front, without Liz, who she'd left at the station. Ben bumped into Lisa and chatted about Dan and life in general. She was about to tell Ben about Jake but he walked in, and panicked when he saw Lisa. Liz and Darlene argued causing Richard to conclude that the old Darlene was back. Justin went to the shops and bought Darlene some expensive chocolates. He bumped into Ben who offered word of wisdom saying families are what make life important and that falling out isn't worth it. Jake was gutted at the thought of having to tell Becca, Lisa told him that she could tell him that it is possible to tell...

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    Sam and Russ brace themselves for bad news.

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    Max attempts to fathom why Mandy has fallen out with her baby.

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    Episode 223 - Hard Cell

    Release Date: 2005-11-02

    Justin's back behind bars.

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    Episode 224 - Seconds Out

    Release Date: 2005-11-03

    Sally tries and fails to fall under the influence.

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    Episode 225 - Spin Cycle

    Release Date: 2005-11-04

    It's time to wave goodbye to two familiar faces.

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    Episode 226 - November 7, 2005

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    Episode 230 - November 11, 2005

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    Josh and Fletch pussy-foot around in the woods.

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    Release Date: 2005-11-15

    The boy Burton is under interrogation.

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    Release Date: 2005-11-16

    Max endeavours to offer his step-sister some solace.

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    Release Date: 2005-11-17

    A crucial witness takes the stand.

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    Episode 235 - Like a Prayer

    Release Date: 2005-11-18

    Justin awaits the final verdict.

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    Release Date: 2005-11-21

    Sam is distressed by Andy's nonchalence.

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    Jessica receives more obsessive correspondence.

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    Lee tries and fails to keep his empire under control.

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    There's clowning around in the SU Bar.

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    Louise thinks she knows what really happened to Dannii.

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    Cameron struggles to stomach the leftovers.

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    Bombhead meets his dad - and his new mum.

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    St Andrew's night prompts some unusual alliances.

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    Sam ruminates while Dannii riles.

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    Bombhead flies out of the Village.

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    Release Date: 2005-12-05

    Andy sweet-talks himself an ally.

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    Freddy tempts Zara with a bit of cyber crime.

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    OB and Craig believe they've hit on the perfect Christmas gift.

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    Release Date: 2005-12-08

    News of Nicole's conquest spreads.

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    Episode 250 - Flame Wars

    Release Date: 2005-12-09

    Lee fights fire with fire - literally.

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    Episode 251 - On the Case

    Release Date: 2005-12-12

    Sam receives a deputation of fearsome females.

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    Episode 252 - Perfect Pitch

    Release Date: 2005-12-13

    Cameron surprises Steph with his musical prowess.

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    Release Date: 2005-12-14

    Sam answers a few questions.

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    Episode 254 - Old Man Standing

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    Josh and Fletch are counselled in the ways of the world.

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    Release Date: 2005-12-16

    A new face joins the ranks of Chez Hutchinson.

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    Tony and Dominic indulge in some straight-talking.

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    The Ashworths struggle to appease their housebound relative.

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    Release Date: 2005-12-21

    You hum it, Cameron'll play it

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    Mandy is reconciled with her child.

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    Release Date: 2005-12-23

    Justin receives an unexpected Christmas present.

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    Release Date: 2005-12-26

    The Osbornes clean up after the night before.

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    Max and OB have a disagreement of business interests.

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    The brothers Hutchinson ruminate over much feud for thought.

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    A sort of homecoming for Liz, Mel and Sophie.

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    Mel chooses her own method of ringing out the old.

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