Hollyoaks (1995)

The daily soap that follows the loves, lives and misdemeanours of a group of people living in the Chester village of Hollyoaks where anything could, and frequently does, happen...

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  • Phil Redmond
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  • Release Date: 1995-10-23
  • Language: En
  • Country: GB
  • Runtime: 30 minutes
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Hollyoaks - Season 20 Episode List

  • Hollyoaks - Anticipation Wiki Reviews

    Episode 1 - Anticipation

    Release Date: 2014-01-02

    Carmel's delighted when the opportunity to be a mum presents itself to her. Dodger is excited about his future, and is counting on no-one trying to burst his bubble. Meanwhile, Robbie jumps to his own conclusions about Finn's whereabouts…

  • Hollyoaks - Revenge Wiki Reviews

    Episode 2 - Revenge

    Release Date: 2014-01-03

    Theresa's left high and dry; she's determined to seek revenge at any cost. Esther makes a heart-breaking decision that changes her life, and as John Paul makes another attempt to get through to Finn, Robbie further aggravates an already furious Diane.

  • Hollyoaks - How Much for Your Soul? Wiki Reviews

    Episode 3 - How Much for Your Soul?

    Release Date: 2014-01-06

    Fraser attempts to buy Freddie off - just how far will Freddie go to remove himself from Fraser's shady clutches? What is being planned for John Paul? Theresa further fuels Carmel's anger as an old face returns, and Ste reaches a difficult decision with the help and support of Leela. Meanwhile, Diane and Tony learn the hard way that things aren't always as they seem…

  • Hollyoaks - Getting Away With it All Wiki Reviews

    Episode 4 - Getting Away With it All

    Release Date: 2014-01-07

    Freddie searches for Fraser's accounts in order to save his own skin, and Theresa's world is turned upside down as an old face returns, leaving Carmel wondering if she's made a monumental mistake. Finn gets wound up by Robbie's taunts about John Paul, and Sinead struggles to contain her excitement about the upcoming wedding, but Diane doesn't exactly feel the same way. Meanwhile, Tony's faced with a setback, but has Ste got the solution?

  • Hollyoaks - Terrible Plans Wiki Reviews

    Episode 5 - Terrible Plans

    Release Date: 2014-01-08

    Will Finn's malicious plan succeed, or will he be discovered? Theresa is devastated at the prospect of losing her child - and her future - forever. Freddie finds himself needing to pull off yet another risky task, and love is in the air for an unsuspecting couple.

  • Hollyoaks - Horror Wiki Reviews

    Episode 6 - Horror

    Release Date: 2014-01-09

    John Paul unveils Nana McQueen's attacker, but the ordeal isn't over. Tony and Diane are left devastated by the events of yesterday, and need Trevor to answer their prayers. Meanwhile, Carmel tries to stop Theresa from making a huge mistake.

  • Hollyoaks - The Fallout Wiki Reviews

    Episode 7 - The Fallout

    Release Date: 2014-01-10

    John Paul struggles to come to terms with the trauma he was faced with yesterday, and tries to summon the courage to admit the truth. Finn desperately tries to get rid of the evidence, but it might not be enough. Danny and Ste rekindle their father-son relationship, while Robbie remains blissfully unaware of the horror-task his friend has just performed.

  • Hollyoaks - A Bitter Taste Wiki Reviews

    Episode 8 - A Bitter Taste

    Release Date: 2014-01-13

    Fraser learns all about Trevor's betrayal, and Grace is terrified that she could lose the love of her life forever. When a devastated Sinead sees Freddie getting a bit close with someone he shouldn't, she seeks comfort elsewhere. And following his malicious attack, John Paul tries to brave his return to school. Will Finn confess to his ghastly deed?

  • Hollyoaks - Secrets Wiki Reviews

    Episode 9 - Secrets

    Release Date: 2014-01-14

    Sinead discovers the truth about Freddie's secrecy, but she fears that the damage has already been done. Jim is under pressure from the vicious Grace and could be getting closer to revealing Freddie's treachery. Meanwhile Jason is shocked to realise the truth about his brother's betrayal.

  • Hollyoaks - The Wedding Day Wiki Reviews

    Episode 10 - The Wedding Day

    Release Date: 2014-01-15

    It's the day of Sinead and Freddie's wedding. Woohoooo! But as secrets are revealed (of course, it's a Hollyoaks wedding!), will the marriage go ahead? Elsewhere Grace blackmails an unlikely source to kill Mercedes, and Lindsey toys with revealing the truth about her darkest secret. And, wanting to help his sister, Dodger is forced to ask Darren a difficult question…

  • Hollyoaks - Determination Wiki Reviews

    Episode 11 - Determination

    Release Date: 2014-01-16

    Desperate Freddie knows that one of his loved ones is in grave danger and starts on a frantic search - will he reach them before it's too late? Meanwhile Nancy tries to summon the courage to face her demons, and Mercedes is led into the lion's den with devastating consequences.

  • Hollyoaks - Consequences Wiki Reviews

    Episode 12 - Consequences

    Release Date: 2014-01-17

    Darren attempts to rekindle his relationship with Nancy, but it may prove to be as difficult as he'd expected. Freddie tries to do the right thing, but between his head and his heart, he can't quite figure out what that is. Grace, being as ruthless as ever, is determined to bring down anyone that gets in her way, and Fraser gives Freddie a hefty ultimatum.

  • Hollyoaks - Pressure Points Wiki Reviews

    Episode 13 - Pressure Points

    Release Date: 2014-01-20

    As pressure mounts on Freddie, he has to decide whether to reveal the heart-breaking truth to his loved ones. Meanwhile, the Osbornes are left astounded by Darren's behaviour, but is everything as black and white as it seems? And Maxine’s excited as she organises a surprise engagement party for Patrick.

  • Hollyoaks - Surprise Surprise Wiki Reviews

    Episode 14 - Surprise Surprise

    Release Date: 2014-01-21

    Nancy has a surprise in store for Darren, while Ruby’s confused by Ziggy’s odd behaviour. Desperate to impress Holly, what lengths will Jason go to impress her? And Maxine makes a discovery that rocks her world…

  • Hollyoaks - Dark Truths Wiki Reviews

    Episode 15 - Dark Truths

    Release Date: 2014-01-22

    Mercedes’ suspicions of Sonny grows, Patrick begs Dodger not to reveal the dark truth about Sienna’s daughter and Jason has an idea, but is it enough to win back the girl of his dreams?

  • Hollyoaks - The Winner Takes it All Wiki Reviews

    Episode 16 - The Winner Takes it All

    Release Date: 2014-01-23

    Patrick is desperate to salvage his relationship with Sienna, but will she be won over? As a friend becomes more concerned for Maxine, will they realise the reality of her relationship with Patrick? And Fraser and Grace feel the pressure from an unlikely source.

  • Hollyoaks - A Silent Witness Wiki Reviews

    Episode 17 - A Silent Witness

    Release Date: 2014-01-24

    Nancy begs Maxine for answers, but will she have the courage to speak up? Meanwhile, Jason’s day goes from bad to worse, with horrifying consequences. Mercedes warns Carmel of her suspicions, but will her words fall on deaf ears? And Grace is determined to silence a Hollyoaks favourite once and for all.

  • Hollyoaks - Damage Control Wiki Reviews

    Episode 18 - Damage Control

    Release Date: 2014-01-27

    Fraser has to cover up Grace's mess once again and is furious about it, but he has bigger things to worry about. Jason is terrified as he's held by the police, while Tegan is set up on a date by Leela. And Maxine is left feeling that everything is her fault…

  • Hollyoaks - Interference Wiki Reviews

    Episode 19 - Interference

    Release Date: 2014-01-28

    Sandy's gobsmacked by a realisation that rocks her world, but in true Roscoe fashion, Freddie might just have an idea up his sleeve. John Paul tears the McQueen family apart, and Tegan gets involved in matters that she shouldn't.

  • Hollyoaks - Dilemmas Wiki Reviews

    Episode 20 - Dilemmas

    Release Date: 2014-01-29

    Fraser is determined to bring a close source down, with devastating consequences. Will Trevor betray his boss to save an innocent? Sinead is desperate to uncover Lindsey's secret, and Carmel considers a fresh start away from Hollyoaks.

  • Hollyoaks - Mounting Pressure Wiki Reviews

    Episode 21 - Mounting Pressure

    Release Date: 2014-01-30

    Freddie is feeling guilty and begins to bubble under pressure from Fraser to retain his silence. Sonny comforts an inconsolable Carmel, but everything might not be as it seems. Jason overhears a shocking conversation and has to decide whether to tell those affected, and Sam begins to buckle under Trevor's demands. Meanwhile, Lindsey is gutted to receive a callous text from a loved one…

  • Hollyoaks - Surprise Surprise Wiki Reviews

    Episode 22 - Surprise Surprise

    Release Date: 2014-01-31

    Furious after the revelation about his father's death, Trevor comes face to face with Fraser in the ultimate showdown. The McQueens are rocked by a surprise return, and Freddie cosies up to Lindsey to try to take her mind off things.

  • Hollyoaks - The Deal Wiki Reviews

    Episode 23 - The Deal

    Release Date: 2014-02-03

    Sinead is feeling under threat from Lindsey, and becomes desperate to give Freddie the best birthday ever. With nerves increasing about the grand opening of The Hutch, Ste tries to save the day as things go bad to worse for Tony.

  • Hollyoaks - Decision Time Wiki Reviews

    Episode 24 - Decision Time

    Release Date: 2014-02-04

    Furious after yesterday's revelation, Sinead gives Freddie a weighty ultimatum; what will he decide? Meanwhile, Tony is eager to ensure his business is given the very best start despite everything. John Paul takes his frustrations out on an old friend, and any prepares to write her first review for the paper.

  • Hollyoaks - Consequences Wiki Reviews

    Episode 25 - Consequences

    Release Date: 2014-02-05

    Trevor is keen to put things right, but Fraser has different ideas, while Tony finds himself backed into a corner with Diane. Holly and Jason prepare for some alone time, and end up putting themselves in unthinkable danger, and when faced with his attacker at Parent's Evening, a desperate John Paul makes a bad decision.

  • Hollyoaks - Trapped Wiki Reviews

    Episode 26 - Trapped

    Release Date: 2014-02-06

    As the fire engulfs the Deli, a frightened Holly and Jason are trapped. Will anyone manage to reach them in time? John Paul has the day from hell, and Tom is keen to impress Peri when babysitting at the McQueens.

  • Hollyoaks - The Beginning Wiki Reviews

    Episode 27 - The Beginning

    Release Date: 2014-02-07

    It's the grand opening of Tony's new restaurant. Woohoo! But Ste's deal with the devil casts a shadow over celebrations. Cindy's guilt over Browning's death increases as she begins to suspect someone else knows what they did. When John Paul admits to his outburst last night, how will Sam react? Meanwhile Dennis makes a business proposition, and Ruby can't help but be worried about Ziggy's latest idea...

  • Hollyoaks - The Phantom Freezer Unlocker Wiki Reviews

    Episode 28 - The Phantom Freezer Unlocker

    Release Date: 2014-02-10

    Cindy is shocked to learn the identity of the phantom freezer unlocker, and the culprit may be very close to home. George tries to do everything he can to help Vincent on the day of his asylum appeal, and Ziggy makes a discovery that could change his future forever.

  • Hollyoaks - Distractions Wiki Reviews

    Episode 29 - Distractions

    Release Date: 2014-02-11

    Ziggy takes his mind off yesterday's shocking find by distracting himself, but will he remain faithful to Ruby? Sonny finds some information on Jim, and tries to decide whether he should show it to Carmel. Phoebe is desperate to find a way to secure a happy future for Vincent and a helpless Cindy goes into labour.

  • Hollyoaks - Devastation and Suspicions Wiki Reviews

    Episode 30 - Devastation and Suspicions

    Release Date: 2014-02-12

    Cindy receives some devastating news that turns her world upside down, but Mercedes may have a solution. Ruby is suspicious of Ziggy but at whose door will she land the blame? George is upset by Vincent’s decision and begs him to change his mind whilst Leela’s shocked to find herself waking in Ziggy’s bed…

  • Hollyoaks - Dilemmas Wiki Reviews

    Episode 31 - Dilemmas

    Release Date: 2014-02-13

    As Mercedes pulls out all the stops to ensure Cindy’s baby survives, she is met with a dilemma… Ziggy tries to prove his faithfulness to Ruby, whist Jack and Frankie’s relationship is on the rocks. Meanwhile, Cindy’s grateful to have a shoulder to cry on, and Tegan has a cunning idea to get what she wants.

  • Hollyoaks - Suspicions Grow... Wiki Reviews

    Episode 32 - Suspicions Grow...

    Release Date: 2014-02-14

    Grace’s suspicions grow, as she is about to discover a truth that could rock her world. Mercedes is left speechless as a source very close to Dr Browning plots to uncover the truth behind his death… Dennis and Dodger attempt to help Sienna find her long lost daughter, whilst Darren begins to move on from Nancy.

  • Hollyoaks - Furious Freddie Wiki Reviews

    Episode 33 - Furious Freddie

    Release Date: 2014-02-17

    Despite knowing it will break Sandy's heart, will Jason confess what he saw to his mum? Darren's nervous to discover Oscar's operation is booked in for tomorrow, but will Nancy agree to let it go ahead? Meanwhile, Vincent's faced with an amazing prospect away from the village, and he must decide if he wants George or the job. Elsewhere, Freddie is furious when he thinks Lindsey has moved on, and Dodger searches high and low for clues that could lead Sienna to her missing daughter...

  • Hollyoaks - Walls Close In Wiki Reviews

    Episode 34 - Walls Close In

    Release Date: 2014-02-18

    Nancy is devastated by Darren's lack of consideration. As the walls close in on Freddie and Sinead, they begin to wonder whether they'll be forced to admit the truth. Meanwhile, Tegan's embarrassed by her family, but she's thankful when a friend offers a shoulder of support. Elsewhere, Fraser is forced to take action to safeguard Grace's secret.

  • Hollyoaks - A Helpful Sam Wiki Reviews

    Episode 35 - A Helpful Sam

    Release Date: 2014-02-19

    Freddie has no option but to hurt Lindsey, but in turn forces her to make a drastic decision. Sam empowers John Paul, but can he reason with Patrick in order to save his career? Leela can't hide her crush on Darren so Tegan organises a date, but Nancy isn't pleased.

  • Hollyoaks - Red-faced Wiki Reviews

    Episode 36 - Red-faced

    Release Date: 2014-02-20

    When Finn gets himself into a life-threatening situation, will John Paul find the strength to rescue his attacker? When Freddie finds out about Lindsey's devastating decision, he needs to pick who needs his support the most: Lindsey or Sinead. Meanwhile, Dodger leaves Dennis feeling very red-faced…

  • Hollyoaks - Life or Death Wiki Reviews

    Episode 37 - Life or Death

    Release Date: 2014-02-21

    John Paul is faced with the dilemma of saving Finn or letting him die. Dennis' situation goes from bad to worse, Darren has an awkward date with Leela, and Sinead is terrified for her daughter as she rushes baby Katy into hospital…but where is Freddie?

  • Hollyoaks - Misunderstandings Wiki Reviews

    Episode 38 - Misunderstandings

    Release Date: 2014-02-24

    Robbie is hell-bent on getting revenge. What will John Paul do when he's pushed to the extreme? Sinead is left heartbroken as her family turn their backs on her, and hopes that new evidence might change their minds. Meanwhile, Nancy might get the wrong end of the stick when she finds Leela sleeping at Darren's flat, and Dennis wonders whether he's finally found love after Leanne.

  • Hollyoaks - Big Decisions Wiki Reviews

    Episode 39 - Big Decisions

    Release Date: 2014-02-25

    Lindsey fears the worst when Diane wants justice for Katy. Elsewhere, Dennis' new friendship hits the rocks, while Darren and Leela get to know each other better.

  • Hollyoaks - Spiral Downwards Wiki Reviews

    Episode 40 - Spiral Downwards

    Release Date: 2014-02-26

    Things go from bad to worse for Sinead. John Paul hits an all-time low, and nothing seems to be able to pick him up. Dodger and Patrick go to see Sienna and Dodger worries that his sister is taking the wrong advice. And Sandy worries that she may lose another son.

  • Hollyoaks - Freedom? Wiki Reviews

    Episode 41 - Freedom?

    Release Date: 2014-02-27

    Maxine has to decide whether to speak out about her abuse, or abide by Patrick, as he puts her under a lot of pressure to change her plea in court. Will Jason go to jail? Nancy and Darren share a touching moment; has Darren really moved on? Meanwhile, Sinead is devastated as her world spirals out of control, and Sienna's keener than ever to be discharged into the village…

  • Hollyoaks - Repercussions Wiki Reviews

    Episode 42 - Repercussions

    Release Date: 2014-02-28

    Maxine is left dealing with the consequences of yesterday's betrayal, and Nancy's past catches up with her and gets her in big trouble. And love is in the air for Carmel and Sonny.

  • Hollyoaks - Discoveries Wiki Reviews

    Episode 43 - Discoveries

    Release Date: 2014-03-03

    Tegan struggles to keep away from Fraser, how long can they keep their affair a secret? Robbie makes a shocking discovery, but has Holly been cheating on Jason? Nancy starts a petition to get her arch enemy out the village, but will Tom take the campaign too far? And Frankie’s devastated as she doesn’t think she’s enough for Jack…

  • Hollyoaks - Big Decisions Wiki Reviews

    Episode 44 - Big Decisions

    Release Date: 2014-03-04

    It’s decision time for Fraser, but who will he leave heartbroken? Sienna steps up the hunt for her daughter, but do old habits die hard? Is it all over for Holly and Jason or can he save their relationship? Meanwhile, Jack is desperate to woo Frankie and takes matters into his own hands.

  • Hollyoaks - Ulterior Motives Wiki Reviews

    Episode 45 - Ulterior Motives

    Release Date: 2014-03-05

    Dirk pulls out all the stops to cheer up his friend, but how will Frankie react? As Grace learns the truth, she offers Tegan her friendship, but should Tegan be wary? Blessing is desperate for a job, but lands herself in hot water with the boss. Sienna is desperate to prove her innocence, but will anyone believe her?

  • Hollyoaks - Bad Days Wiki Reviews

    Episode 46 - Bad Days

    Release Date: 2014-03-06

    Grace tries to make a deal with Tegan, but when faced with danger, will Tegan accept? Will Frankie’s attempts at saving her relationship be successful? Nancy is caught in an emotional dilemma. Blessing’s trial shift at The Hutch goes from bad to worse, and Sam, Danny and Sandy are all in for the shock of their lives…

  • Hollyoaks - Everything Falls Apart Wiki Reviews

    Episode 47 - Everything Falls Apart

    Release Date: 2014-03-07

    Fraser’s world comes crashing down around him, but is this only the beginning? Will Blessing find out Ste’s big secret? Sinead needs to watch out as Robbie is ready to cause some trouble and Jason is left crushed and focuses his attention elsewhere.

  • Hollyoaks - Innocence? Wiki Reviews

    Episode 48 - Innocence?

    Release Date: 2014-03-10

    With the latest shock weighing heavy on Ste's mind, he has to decide whether to risk everything and reveal all to the police. Maxine is terrified about her court case; will she be sent to jail? Elsewhere, the finger of blame is being pointed at Blessing. And Sinead is driven to extremes to try to win back her daughter, but nothing could have prepared her for what will happen next…

  • Hollyoaks - Indecent Positions Wiki Reviews

    Episode 49 - Indecent Positions

    Release Date: 2014-03-11

    Freddie is furious about the exploitation of his girlfriend, but could he use this terrible situation to his benefit? As Ste searches high and low for his children, he hopes that his worst fears won't be confirmed. Will Maxine's secret be discovered? Meanwhile, Ziggy and Frankie find themselves in a compromising position. Oops!

  • Hollyoaks - Surprise Wiki Reviews

    Episode 50 - Surprise

    Release Date: 2014-03-12

    Sinead is desperate to win back her daughter and will do anything to succeed. Mercedes is on a mission to get her friends back, but Cindy and Lindsey might not want to accept her apology. And Patrick shocks Maxine by surprising her with an unusual gift.

  • Hollyoaks - Desperation Wiki Reviews

    Episode 51 - Desperation

    Release Date: 2014-03-13

    Distraught Sinead must decide what to do with Freddie's offer weighing heavy on her mind. Maxine makes a shocking discovery, but how will Sienna retaliate? Ste is caught in a tricky situation, and Lindsey's gutted to say goodbye to a friend.

  • Hollyoaks - Underhanded Wiki Reviews

    Episode 52 - Underhanded

    Release Date: 2014-03-14

    Sienna continues to blackmail Maxine, but Patrick begins to notice Maxine's odd behaviour. Elsewhere it's a race against time for Freddie and Sinead, and two teens have the shock of their lives...

  • Hollyoaks - Grave Danger Wiki Reviews

    Episode 53 - Grave Danger

    Release Date: 2014-03-17

    Alex Browning is determined to uncover the truth about his father's death; so is Mercedes, Lindsey and Cindy's darkest secret about to be revealed? As a shadow from her past returns to the village, Grace is put in grave danger. Jason and Holly are desperate to get the morning after pill. Maxine is shocked at the lengths Sienna is prepared to go to prove Peri is her daughter, and Dennis' new business venture has an eventful opening…

  • Hollyoaks - Ray of Light Wiki Reviews

    Episode 54 - Ray of Light

    Release Date: 2014-03-18

    With yesterday's events weighing heavy on his mind, Trevor is more determined than ever to bid farewell to his violent lifestyle, but how simple will it be to go straight? Dirk attempts to take the rap, but has he made matters a whole lot worse? Danny gives John Paul a ray of light. Meanwhile, will Holly discover the truth about her mum?

  • Hollyoaks - Go Your Own Way Wiki Reviews

    Episode 55 - Go Your Own Way

    Release Date: 2014-03-19

    Cindy braces herself for some tough questioning at the station. At John Paul’s plea hearing, is he strong enough to stand up in court against his attacker? Determined to get his own way, Fraser makes certain that Trevor will commit one last job for him…

  • Hollyoaks - Peri's Problem Wiki Reviews

    Episode 56 - Peri's Problem

    Release Date: 2014-03-20

    Trevor drives his nemesis to the middle of nowhere, but is it game over for his father's killer? Danny and John Paul bid a passionate farewell to one another, but will their illicit affair go unnoticed? Tom helps Peri overcome her new fear, and Robbie is terrified about court tomorrow.

  • Hollyoaks - The Day of the Trial Wiki Reviews

    Episode 57 - The Day of the Trial

    Release Date: 2014-03-21

    It's the day of John Paul’s sentencing; will Robbie step up and do the right thing by his teacher? Reeling from her discovery, will Peri reveal all? Meanwhile, Trevor seeks the ultimate revenge. Elsewhere, Nancy’s left with food for thought, and Mercedes concocts an elaborate plan to save her brother from prison…

  • Hollyoaks - Coming to Terms Wiki Reviews

    Episode 58 - Coming to Terms

    Release Date: 2014-03-24

    Danny's desperate to make sure that Peri stays silent, with devastating consequences for the Lomax family. Nancy's got first day nerves when she starts her new job, and is desperate for it to be a success. Leela gives Ste the extra push he needs to speak to John Paul, but will her efforts be in vain?

  • Hollyoaks - To Tell or Not to Tell? Wiki Reviews

    Episode 59 - To Tell or Not to Tell?

    Release Date: 2014-03-25

    Maxine thinks she'll be able to keep her community service secret from Patrick, but not for long. As Ste realises the weight of Peri's discovery, he has to decide whether or not to reveal the truth to Sam. Has Tony been completely honest with Diane? Sinead is hopeful that from a distance she can still be a good mum, and won't let anyone or anything scupper her plans. Meanwhile, Darren feels second best, and Lindsey delivers some heart-wrenching news.

  • Hollyoaks - Awkward Conversations Wiki Reviews

    Episode 60 - Awkward Conversations

    Release Date: 2014-03-26

    Yesterday's life-shattering reveal gives Danny an unexpected opportunity. Darren tries his best to persuade Diane to finally forgive Tony. And how will Maxine react when she's confronted about Patrick's abuse?

  • Hollyoaks - Rumbled? Wiki Reviews

    Episode 61 - Rumbled?

    Release Date: 2014-03-27

    Diane's attitude tips Sinead over the edge, and Freddie's secret plan is in place, but will Finn play ball? Tony has an important question to ask Diane, but it might not be the joyous occasion he had planned. Sienna realises that trying to befriend her daughter's family without raising their suspicions might be a tough feat…

  • Hollyoaks - Confrontations Wiki Reviews

    Episode 62 - Confrontations

    Release Date: 2014-03-28

    Sinead is grateful for a chance to prove herself, but will it all go horribly wrong? Diane struggles to comprehend the day's events, whilst Darren is left reeling at Nancy when she gets a little to close for comfort to Patrick.

  • Hollyoaks - Malintent? Wiki Reviews

    Episode 63 - Malintent?

    Release Date: 2014-03-31

    With baby Katy’s health seriously declining, Finn’s suspicions grow, but does he really believe his sister could be to blame? Ste is intent on getting revenge on Fraser Black, and a charming as ever Ziggy makes somebody’s day. On her way to work, Leela is horrified to be met by a shocking scene of devastation.

  • Hollyoaks - Desperation Wiki Reviews

    Episode 64 - Desperation

    Release Date: 2014-04-01

    Leela helps Sinead out of the wreckage, but will she be okay? Will she manage to reach Katy in time? And will Diane believe the cutting accusation against her own daughter? Meanwhile, Peri is chuffed to receive a special visitor, and Dodger tries his best to win Dennis a hot date with Blessing.

  • Hollyoaks - Devastation Wiki Reviews

    Episode 65 - Devastation

    Release Date: 2014-04-02

    Sinead struggles to come to terms with the awful news, and is desperate for her husband not to turn his back on her in her hour of need. The police edge closer to catching the person responsible for the crash. Elsewhere, Blessing reveals her true feelings to Dennis and Peri’s decision infuriates her family, and Ste has had enough.

  • Hollyoaks - Carpe Diem Wiki Reviews

    Episode 66 - Carpe Diem

    Release Date: 2014-04-03

    Freddie wants to be there for Sinead, but it might be too little too late. Peri attempts to live her life to the full - could love be in the air for her and Tom (awwwwwwwww!)? An insightful revelation leaves one of the Lomaxes gobsmacked. Ste makes a discovery that could change everything, while Sandy could be about to discover the whereabouts of her missing son…

  • Hollyoaks - Confrontation Wiki Reviews

    Episode 67 - Confrontation

    Release Date: 2014-04-04

    John Paul is forced to truthfully answer some tough questions, but the outcome leaves him feeling totally isolated. Ste is desperate to prove Sinead’s innocence, but Sonny is struggling to believe him. Meanwhile, it’s a hard day for the Roscoes as they celebrate what would have been Joe’s 30th birthday.

  • Hollyoaks - A New Start? Wiki Reviews

    Episode 68 - A New Start?

    Release Date: 2014-04-07

    Confused, Lindsey seeks advice off Mercedes but is unsure whether she should take it. Meanwhile, Freddie is over the moon, until he gets the shock of his life. Sienna learns of Maxine’s secret and is torn about whether she should reveal the truth to Patrick. Dennis is concerned for his friend, while Dodger is given hope of a rekindled relationship. Trevor is left intrigued by an interesting proposition.

  • Hollyoaks - Frayed Relations Wiki Reviews

    Episode 69 - Frayed Relations

    Release Date: 2014-04-08

    Things get worse for Maxine, and Lindsey doesn't know whether she stills feel the same way towards Freddie. In order to regain control, Fraser searches for information to blackmail Freddie with. Grace is furious with Trevor and she can’t understand why he’d betray her.

  • Hollyoaks - A Chance to Escape? Wiki Reviews

    Episode 70 - A Chance to Escape?

    Release Date: 2014-04-09

    Trevor and Grace prepare for their life away from Fraser. Can anything - or anyone - tempt them back to the village? Freddie and Lindsey are left with little choice but to reveal the truth, but it might come much too late. Patrick tries his manipulative best as he tries to save his relationship with Maxine. Dennis tells Dodger that it’s now or never, and Sonny’s determined to find out the truth about Katy’s death.

  • Hollyoaks - Despair Wiki Reviews

    Episode 71 - Despair

    Release Date: 2014-04-10

    It’s the day of Katy’s funeral and Ste is furious to discover that Sinead knows nothing about it. Is there anything he can say to ensure a catatonic Sinead says a final goodbye to her daughter? Sonny delivers some life-changing news, while Grace leaves Trevor astounded by revealing her deadly goal…

  • Hollyoaks - Farewell Wiki Reviews

    Episode 72 - Farewell

    Release Date: 2014-04-11

    Diane’s farewell is short-lived as a grief-stricken Sinead interrupts. Will Grace still be intent on following through with her evil plan? Tegan is devastated to realise the extent of her statement, but when Leela overhears, how will she react? Ste is gutted to realise that he’s receiving the full brunt of Fraser’s lies.

  • Hollyoaks - Is it the Truth? Wiki Reviews

    Episode 73 - Is it the Truth?

    Release Date: 2014-04-14

    Sinead is shocked when a guilt-ridden Ste is arrested for murder, while Fraser tries everything to win Tegan over before she goes to the police. Joe is determined to make Fraser pay, and Lindsey is scared that she will lose her job as Katy’s death is investigated.

  • Hollyoaks - Teaming Up Wiki Reviews

    Episode 74 - Teaming Up

    Release Date: 2014-04-15

    Joe joins unlikely forces with Trevor and Grace to get revenge on Fraser, but is he walking right into a trap? Ste hits rock bottom as Sinead struggles to come to terms with his betrayal. Sandy toys with allowing Fraser back into her life. Meanwhile, Tegan makes a shock confession to her family, and with Jim’s evidence in his hand, Sonny struggles with his conscience.

  • Hollyoaks - The Plan Wiki Reviews

    Episode 75 - The Plan

    Release Date: 2014-04-16

    Joe outlines his plan to kill Fraser, unaware that Grace has a plan of her own. Sam is determined to get to the truth, while a hard-up Nana inadvertently sells Jim’s confession DVD. Can Sonny get it back before it falls into the wrong hands?

  • Hollyoaks - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Wiki Reviews

    Episode 76 - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

    Release Date: 2014-04-17

    The plan is in place to kill Fraser, but can Grace go through with it? A panicked Joe and Freddie realise Sandy’s life is in danger, while Ste stumbles upon new evidence. And Mercedes tries her hardest to persuade Cindy to keep her options open and go to the ball.

  • Hollyoaks - Tipping Point Wiki Reviews

    Episode 77 - Tipping Point

    Release Date: 2014-04-18

    Will Joe and Freddie get to Sandy in time to save her? Will Cindy betray Dirk and will Mercedes bag her dream man? Elsewhere Trevor is desperate to flee before the choice is taken out of his hands, and Tegan is left with a life changing decision to make.

  • Hollyoaks - Revenge Wiki Reviews

    Episode 78 - Revenge

    Release Date: 2014-04-21

    Hot on his heels, will Sandy find Fraser before he gets to Tegan? Grace is hell bent on revenge, but can Trevor persuade her to do the right thing? Meanwhile, Cindy has to work hard to win Dirk back, but there’s a shock in store for Holly. Elsewhere, Joe discovers Freddie is helping out a sworn enemy. He ain't happy about it either.

  • Hollyoaks - Boxing Night Wiki Reviews

    Episode 79 - Boxing Night

    Release Date: 2014-04-22

    Sam is fearful that Danny has been pushed to the edge, but it’s Tegan who makes a grim discovery. Joe and Freddie have a bit of a boxing match at The Hutch, while Mercedes cosies up to a brooding Trevor. In the light of recent news, Ste tries to make peace with Sinead but will her reaction send him on a downward spiral?

  • Hollyoaks - Freakin' Out Wiki Reviews

    Episode 80 - Freakin' Out

    Release Date: 2014-04-23

    After a rocky few days, is Grace prepared to bail Trevor out? Meanwhile, suspicions are rife in the Roscoe household. After discovering a body, a freaked out Holly wants Jason to flee the village with her. Sam resorts to desperate measures to save her family, and is Sonny any closer to solving his case?

  • Hollyoaks - The Net is Closing In Wiki Reviews

    Episode 81 - The Net is Closing In

    Release Date: 2014-04-24

    The net is closing in on the Lomaxes, but how far is Ste prepared to go to protect himself and his family? At the Roscoes, Lindsey and Sandy want answers, but will they get to the truth before anyone else does? When Holly turns to crime to fund her plan, Jason has to decide whether or not to come to her rescue.

  • Hollyoaks - Shockwaves Through the Village Wiki Reviews

    Episode 82 - Shockwaves Through the Village

    Release Date: 2014-04-25

    A new development in the murder enquiry sends shockwaves through the village. Guilty feelings are running high at both the Lomaxes and the Roscoes, while Grace attempts business as usual. Meanwhile, as Holly’s determined to go ahead with her plan, what does Jason have up his sleeve?

  • Hollyoaks - Desperation Wiki Reviews

    Episode 83 - Desperation

    Release Date: 2014-04-28

    Maxine witnesses a horrific incident, but getting Patrick to believe her is a different matter. Jason risks everything to get Holly her promised money, but their freedom will only come at an even higher cost. Holly attempts to rekindle her relationship with her mum. Phoebe comes one step closer to discovering the horrors that John Paul has suffered, and George takes matters into his own hands.

  • Hollyoaks - Turning Point Wiki Reviews

    Episode 84 - Turning Point

    Release Date: 2014-04-29

    Desperate to impress, Patrick is humiliated in an extremely embarrassing way, while Maxine attends her 12 week scan alone. As the magnitude of Jason’s blackmail hits home with Holly, the pair must decide whether or not to leave the village forever. Finn takes his bullying to the next level, but will his plan go disastrously wrong? And what is Blessing hiding?

  • Hollyoaks - The Blame Wiki Reviews

    Episode 85 - The Blame

    Release Date: 2014-04-30

    As the truth behind Patrick’s behaviour is revealed, he looks for someone to blame. Holly’s thrilled to finally meet her grandmother, but the feeling isn't completely reciprocated. Cindy is left devastated as she prepares baby Hilton to fight for his life, while Blessing is worried about the new arrival in the village.

  • Hollyoaks - Detective Work Wiki Reviews

    Episode 86 - Detective Work

    Release Date: 2014-05-01

    Blessing receives an unwelcome visitor, and a vigilant Nancy does everything to try to figure out who spiked Patrick’s drink. Cindy is getting more and more eager for her daughter to come home. Meanwhile, Robbie can’t help feeling disappointed in Phoebe, and Holly has a difficult decision to make.

  • Hollyoaks - Repairable? Wiki Reviews

    Episode 87 - Repairable?

    Release Date: 2014-05-02

    Patrick attempts to reconcile with Maxine, but he may have pushed her too far this time. Holly’s grandma makes a bold decision that might be enough to ensure the teens return home. As Sonny comforts a devastated Sinead, Carmel gets the wrong end of the stick. And elsewhere, Phoebe tries to win back Robbie’s friendship.

  • Hollyoaks - Call The Cops! Wiki Reviews

    Episode 88 - Call The Cops!

    Release Date: 2014-05-05

    As Sandy returns to find her son missing, can Cindy prevent her from calling the police? Joe attempts to reconcile with Lindsey and Sinead reveals she will do anything to get justice for Katy, leaving a source close to her concerned. Meanwhile, Sienna tries to get closer to Peri…

  • Hollyoaks - Money, Money, Money... and Nana Wiki Reviews

    Episode 89 - Money, Money, Money... and Nana

    Release Date: 2014-05-06

    At Katy’s hearing, will Sinead get the answer she craves? Will Lindsey’s affair with Freddie be made public? Sonny admits his deepest secret, but will his confidant be able to keep quiet? As Nana McQueen’s money troubles worsen, an unexpected villager offers a random act of kindness. Sienna ups her game to win over the Lomaxes, and Sandy, Tegan and Grace go head to head at Fraser’s will reading.

  • Hollyoaks - What Lies Ahead? Wiki Reviews

    Episode 90 - What Lies Ahead?

    Release Date: 2014-05-07

    When Sinead concocts a malicious plan to bring down her arch enemy, is she getting in too deep? Sienna is left devastated as her chance to get close to Peri fails. Grace visits an old flame, who gives her food for thought. Nana is excited by a new job prospect, and nothing can prepare Lindsey for the day’s events that lie ahead of her…

  • Hollyoaks - I Got You Under My Spell Wiki Reviews

    Episode 91 - I Got You Under My Spell

    Release Date: 2014-05-08

    Vulnerable Ste finds himself under Grace’s spell. Ziggy puts his foot down to a modelling job, leaving his agent high and dry. And just what is Peri up to?

  • Hollyoaks - Havoc Wiki Reviews

    Episode 92 - Havoc

    Release Date: 2014-05-09

    Under Grace’s grasp, Ste’s in bigger trouble than he could ever have imagined. Does Tegan have a solution to her brother’s problem, or will she make matters worse? Sienna causes havoc for the Lomaxes, and is love in the air for Leela and Ziggy? Meanwhile, George considers internet dating…

  • Hollyoaks - Misunderstandings? Wiki Reviews

    Episode 93 - Misunderstandings?

    Release Date: 2014-05-12

    As George fantasises about his date he wonders whether it can go any further, and Nana McQueen tries her best to repay Ziggy’s kindness. With their money fast running out, Jason and Holly begin to panic about what to do. Is love on the cards for Dennis and Blessing? And will the Lomaxes grow wise to Sienna’s wicked ways?

  • Hollyoaks - Danger Wiki Reviews

    Episode 94 - Danger

    Release Date: 2014-05-13

    It’s the day of the school play, but no one is prepared for the shocking grand finale. George's guilt gets the better of him, but will he feel any better after a pep talk from Ziggy? Holly and Jason find themselves in graver danger than they’d realised. Tom’s worried about Sienna, and is desperate for Peri to heed his warnings. Dennis has had enough of Blessing acting suspicious, and manages to massively jump the gun.

  • Hollyoaks - Panic Wiki Reviews

    Episode 95 - Panic

    Release Date: 2014-05-14

    Still reeling from yesterday’s revelation, it seems like this could be the end of the Lomaxes. Despite Dennis trying to clear up the misunderstanding, he thinks he’s lost Blessing forever. And Jason tries desperately to reach Holly, as his condition deteriorates.

  • Hollyoaks - A Big Meeting Wiki Reviews

    Episode 96 - A Big Meeting

    Release Date: 2014-05-15

    When Jason is forced to admit that he can’t go home, his new-found acquaintance tries to come up with a solution. Sienna makes Peri’s wildest dreams come true, but with the Lomaxes hot on their heels, will the pair leave the village forever? Meanwhile Dennis’ odd behaviour leaves everyone confused and worried.

  • Hollyoaks - Confrontation Wiki Reviews

    Episode 97 - Confrontation

    Release Date: 2014-05-16

    When someone close to Jason fights for his freedom, is Sonny's time up? Jason is desperate to make amends with Holly, but he’s sure he’s missed his chance. When Dennis makes his move Blessing reveals a secret from her past to a surprised Tony.

  • Hollyoaks - The Matchmaker Wiki Reviews

    Episode 98 - The Matchmaker

    Release Date: 2014-05-19

    After Tony’s advice, does Blessing have the confidence to tell Dennis her innermost secret? Can Holly forgive Jason? Meanwhile, Sinead’s plan spirals out of control and Robbie is confused by his brother’s secrecy.

  • Hollyoaks - Suspicious Minds Wiki Reviews

    Episode 99 - Suspicious Minds

    Release Date: 2014-05-20

    When Sinead and Carmel rally around to receive charity funding, Diane is left devastated as she learns about her daughter’s condition. As Joe’s suspicions increase, can he convince Lindsey to get concrete proof? Will Tony’s restaurant review go off without a hitch? Ste’s left feeling more alone than ever, and Phoebe gets jealous.

  • Hollyoaks - Antics Wiki Reviews

    Episode 100 - Antics

    Release Date: 2014-05-21

    Emotions are heightened at the fundraiser, but can Sinead keep her secret hidden? Patrick and Maxine arrive back from their holiday and are horrified to discover Sienna’s recent antics, while Phoebe checks Robbie’s phone as her jealously heightens.

  • Hollyoaks - Danger! Danger! Wiki Reviews

    Episode 101 - Danger! Danger!

    Release Date: 2014-05-22

    With a poignant day ahead, Sinead sets out to ensure justice for Katy is finally achieved. Are Freddie and Lindsey in more danger than they realised? Is Sienna any closer to finding her long lost daughter? Meanwhile, Trevor attempts to uncover the truth about Fraser’s murder.

  • Hollyoaks - Misread Signals Wiki Reviews

    Episode 102 - Misread Signals

    Release Date: 2014-05-23

    Freddie resigns himself to admit the truth about him and Lindsey, but will she reveal the extent of her infidelity? A heartbroken Sinead grows closer to Sonny, but has she misread the signals?

  • Hollyoaks - The Pact Wiki Reviews

    Episode 103 - The Pact

    Release Date: 2014-05-26

    Sandy is still reeling from Lindsey’s revelation, but will she out the truth and risk splitting up the Roscoes for good? Nana’s concerns grow as she watches a blossoming friendship, and she massively gets the wrong end of the stick. Maxine struggles to bring herself to tell Patrick that their baby may have Downs Syndrome, while Ste and Freddie make a deadly pact.

  • Hollyoaks - Lies Wiki Reviews

    Episode 104 - Lies

    Release Date: 2014-05-27

    Dodger battles to suppress his feelings for Maxine, but will anything make him change his mind? Freddie breaks Sandy’s heart, while she could have inadvertently found the answer to his prayers. When a pair of boxers are found in her room by Cindy, Holly faces some difficult and awkward questions. Could this be the end of Holly and Jason? Furious, Carmel gives Sonny an ultimatum.

  • Hollyoaks - Speed Dating Wiki Reviews

    Episode 105 - Speed Dating

    Release Date: 2014-05-28

    Will Maxine stick by Patrick, despite his callous remarks? Tensions run high between Blessing and Dennis as a speed-dating event brings home their feelings for one another. Meanwhile, Blessing is gobsmacked as her past begins to haunt her. Holly tries to hide the truth about her infidelity and makes up with Jason, but how long can she keep this secret?

  • Hollyoaks - The Truth Wiki Reviews

    Episode 106 - The Truth

    Release Date: 2014-05-29

    Wanting the best case scenario, Holly’s lies spiral out of control, with life-changing consequences for one unsuspecting villager. After a shock encounter, Tony encourages Blessing to tell the truth, but she’s struggling to find the courage to open up. Maxine is left confused and distraught; what will she decide? Elsewhere, Finn seems to have set his sights on his next victim…

  • Hollyoaks - Malice Spreads Wiki Reviews

    Episode 107 - Malice Spreads

    Release Date: 2014-05-30

    As Cindy stands by her daughter, Dirk is forced to make an impossible decision. Sinead is confused by Finn’s odd behaviour, but will she convince Diane and Tony to take action against the troubled teen? Dennis has a lot on his mind, leaving everyone around him concerned. Meanwhile, a day of fun turns incredibly sinister for Blessing, and Robbie struggles with his mock A levels.

  • Hollyoaks - A Dangerous Plan Wiki Reviews

    Episode 108 - A Dangerous Plan

    Release Date: 2014-06-02

    Sinead is desperate to prove to Diane that Finn is up to no good. Will Dennis find it in his heart to make up with Blessing? It’s exam day and Nancy is shocked to find the papers have been opened, but student is behind it? Meanwhile, Sandy’s worried for an ill-looking Darren, and Freddie forms a dangerous plan…

  • Hollyoaks - Tearing a Family Apart Wiki Reviews

    Episode 109 - Tearing a Family Apart

    Release Date: 2014-06-03

    Sinead’s attempts at tearing her family apart are underway, and will the ghastly truth about Finn finally be exposed? Meanwhile, Nancy is annoyed when she realises the culprit behind the tampered exam papers. In order to save his kids, Ste agrees to help Freddie with a risky heist. Mercedes is met with an offer too good to refuse and Darren receives a worrying text…

  • Hollyoaks - Dreadful Consequences Wiki Reviews

    Episode 110 - Dreadful Consequences

    Release Date: 2014-06-04

    Will Diane find the strength to do the right thing by her son? Has Ste lost his only chance to save Leah and Lucas from Social Services? Meanwhile, Darren ignores the medics’ advice, with dreadful consequences and Jack plays matchmaker…

  • Hollyoaks - Ulterior Motive Wiki Reviews

    Episode 111 - Ulterior Motive

    Release Date: 2014-06-05

    As Darren is rushed to hospital will Nancy reach him in time? Freddie soldiers on with his daring plan regardless of recent events. Mercedes entices Grace to say a final goodbye to Fraser, but will she see through to her ulterior motive? Leela is won over by a distressed Ziggy, and Phoebe struggles to contain her jealousy.

  • Hollyoaks - Freedom Has a Price Wiki Reviews

    Episode 112 - Freedom Has a Price

    Release Date: 2014-06-06

    Having witnessed Robbie getting close to someone else, Phoebe is on the war path – but she's in danger of destroying her own relationship in the process. Ste’s paid the price for his chance of freedom, but will he get the outcome he deserves? Mercedes makes a shocking U-turn, putting Freddie in more danger. And will Joe and Lindsey finally reunite?

  • Hollyoaks - A New Beginning Wiki Reviews

    Episode 113 - A New Beginning

    Release Date: 2014-06-09

    A new arrival in the village pays close attention to Dodger, but what is she searching for? When Jason decides to seek revenge on Holly’s attacker, nothing can prepare him for what he finds. Elsewhere, Freddie and Mercedes continue their secret plan, and Ziggy attempts to play matchmaker.

  • Hollyoaks - Deception Wiki Reviews

    Episode 114 - Deception

    Release Date: 2014-06-10

    Jason’s still reeling from his discovery yesterday, but his lies could land Dodger in more trouble. When threatened with her life, Mercedes has to do all she can to keep her deceit from Grace. And Joe and Lindsey try to work through their differences.

  • Hollyoaks - Determination Wiki Reviews

    Episode 115 - Determination

    Release Date: 2014-06-11

    Patrick is furious that Sienna is lying to him, but will she find her daughter despite his best sabotaging efforts? Freddie takes Jason to an illicit job, but he’s unwittingly getting Jason into more trouble than he knows. Nancy and Robbie are getting too close for comfort, and Dodger shuns his new friend, leaving her nowhere to go.

  • Hollyoaks - Sabotage Wiki Reviews

    Episode 116 - Sabotage

    Release Date: 2014-06-12

    Will Patrick stay true to his word and allow Sienna to meet her daughter? Leela helps out a villager in need, with no idea who she actually is. Irritated by Robbie and Nancy’s growing friendship, Phoebe decides to do something that she might regret. Holly is full of hope, while Jason continues to feel inadequate.

  • Hollyoaks - Feud Wiki Reviews

    Episode 117 - Feud

    Release Date: 2014-06-13

    Leela tries to reign in Sienna’s emotions, but Sienna’s already done more harm than good. Tegan and Blessing go head to head, but who will back down? Jason’s obsession is taken to the extreme; is it enough to make him think twice about his new habit? And Maxine is once again a victim of Patrick’s anger.

  • Hollyoaks - And the Winner is... Wiki Reviews

    Episode 118 - And the Winner is...

    Release Date: 2014-06-16

    It’s Danny’s birthday and, with Peri acting oddly around the Lomaxes, just what is she planning? Jason becomes sucked into his brother’s underworld, Blessing’s chances at winning are scuppered, and Nico attempts to cause trouble between Nancy and Sienna...

  • Hollyoaks - Meddling Kids Wiki Reviews

    Episode 119 - Meddling Kids

    Release Date: 2014-06-17

    Patrick decides Nico’s time in the village is over and tries to get rid of her, but can she escape the demon headmaster’s clutches? Meddling Sinead puts doubts in Diane's mind, Blessing is grateful of a good friend, and Leela takes her frustration at her dad out on an upset Peri.

  • Hollyoaks - A Decision is Made... Wiki Reviews

    Episode 120 - A Decision is Made...

    Release Date: 2014-06-18

    When accused of being unfaithful, how will Tony react? At breaking point, Leela is forced to make a decision that could rock the Lomaxes once and for all. Will Dennis and Blessing put their differences aside for the sake of their love? Meanwhile, is Patrick finally getting his comeuppance?

  • Hollyoaks - Loggerheads Wiki Reviews

    Episode 121 - Loggerheads

    Release Date: 2014-06-19

    Holly goes to extreme measures to reunite her family, but nothing can prepare them for their devastating discovery. Diane and Tony are at loggerheads once more, while Sinead ups her game, intent on destroying them.

  • Hollyoaks - Interference Wiki Reviews

    Episode 122 - Interference

    Release Date: 2014-06-20

    Sam interferes with Leela’s plans, while Cindy struggles to be strong for her son, leaving Dirk and Holly helpless. The Roscoes have an unexpected visitor arrive on their doorstep, and Sinead turns the heat up on her vengeance, leaving her unsuspecting family totally oblivious.

  • Hollyoaks - Concerned Wiki Reviews

    Episode 123 - Concerned

    Release Date: 2014-06-23

    Cindy seems to be acting strange, should Holly and Dirk be concerned with what she's hiding? Joe and Freddie promise Rick they're not going to push him out of their lives once again, and Nana thinks she's found the answer to her money problems. Robbie seems to get the raw end of the deal...

  • Hollyoaks - Birthday Celebrations Wiki Reviews

    Episode 124 - Birthday Celebrations

    Release Date: 2014-06-24

    Jason and Robbie share their 18th birthday together, but it doesn't seem like it'll be the birthday they were hoping for. Will plans still go ahead for Grace and Mercedes? Rick may have struck gold with his latest pursuit, and Holly tries to make it up to an ex.

  • Hollyoaks - The Trial Wiki Reviews

    Episode 125 - The Trial

    Release Date: 2014-06-25

    Joe's feeling nervous, but can't wait to see Grace being punished for what she's done. Grace has other plans, involving an unsuspecting visitor, but will this ensure she'll walk free? Someone close disappoints Robbie and Jason, while Sonny is faced with a moral dilemma. What will he decide?

  • Hollyoaks - Judgement Day Wiki Reviews

    Episode 126 - Judgement Day

    Release Date: 2014-06-26

    Joe is worried that he won't get the verdict he thinks Grace deserves. Meanwhile, both Grace and Mercedes up their game and Carmel takes matters into her own hands after learning her family's fate. Nancy tries to help a friend out, but will it help the situation? Will Dirk figure out why Cindy's been acting so strange?

  • Hollyoaks - Mystery Man Wiki Reviews

    Episode 127 - Mystery Man

    Release Date: 2014-06-27

    Will Mercedes and Freddie be able to shift the responsibility of their actions onto someone else? Holly knows her mum is being unfaithful, but who is the mystery man? Will Darren react badly to Nancy's whereabouts? Elsewhere, Nana gives hope to the McQueens by promising she'll sort out their mess.

  • Hollyoaks - A House Isn't Always a Home Wiki Reviews

    Episode 128 - A House Isn't Always a Home

    Release Date: 2014-06-30

    Holly is horrified when she discovers who Cindy's mystery man is, and the McQueens are in danger of losing their home. Meanwhile, will Dennis be able to persuade an upset Blessing to come out of the house? Terrified, Mercedes still has Freddie's threat lingering over her.

  • Hollyoaks - Old Habits Die Hard Wiki Reviews

    Episode 129 - Old Habits Die Hard

    Release Date: 2014-07-01

    The McQueens receive some life-changing news, but is it all as straight forward as it seems? Last night has got Blessing on a high, but will it be short-lived? Meanwhile, Cindy and Holly need to find their missing prize, and Sienna appears to be up to her old tricks again...

  • Hollyoaks - It's Decision Time Wiki Reviews

    Episode 130 - It's Decision Time

    Release Date: 2014-07-02

    Sonny is pushing Carmel into a tough decision; will she abandon her family? Elsewhere, Dennis attempts to solve Blessing's problems, and Sienna goes to extremes to stop Tom testifying against her in court. But what will she do when Darren crosses her path?

  • Hollyoaks - Anger Wiki Reviews

    Episode 131 - Anger

    Release Date: 2014-07-03

    Darren needs to take his anger out on someone, but who? Will he regret his actions before it's too late? Dennis is left feeling stunned after Blessing makes a shock decision, and Nancy is feeling vulnerable and needs to find comfort in someone...

  • Hollyoaks - Happy Families? Wiki Reviews

    Episode 132 - Happy Families?

    Release Date: 2014-07-04

    Will Mercedes' own problems hinder the McQueens' last chance of being a happy family? Meanwhile, has Dennis just ruined his final chance of having a relationship with Blessing? And has Sienna finally overcome her troubles?

  • Hollyoaks - Face to Face Wiki Reviews

    Episode 133 - Face to Face

    Release Date: 2014-07-07

    Sienna is desperate for answers and sets her sights on Rick, who is confronted with a face from the past. In true McQueen fashion, Nana plays match maker, and Sinead ups her game, leaving Tony astounded.

  • Hollyoaks - Desperate Times Wiki Reviews

    Episode 134 - Desperate Times

    Release Date: 2014-07-08

    Sienna proves that she’s willing to do whatever it takes to ensure she stays out of prison. Sinead turns up the heat with Tony. Things are on the up for John Paul’s love life, but he’s finding it hard to trust the person who holds his heart.

  • Hollyoaks - Revenge Wiki Reviews

    Episode 135 - Revenge

    Release Date: 2014-07-09

    Nancy is forced into a corner to protect her family. John Paul and Danny attempt to support Ste, but nothing can prepare Ste for John Paul’s shocking revelation. And will Sinead have any regrets about her revenge on Diane?

  • Hollyoaks - Reunited? Wiki Reviews

    Episode 136 - Reunited?

    Release Date: 2014-07-10

    Sienna continues her search for Nico; will she discover who is really responsible for her disappearance? Nana McQueen goes to extremes to try to get her house back. Elsewhere, the net closes in on Fraser’s murderer and Peri goes missing.

  • Hollyoaks - Clues Wiki Reviews

    Episode 137 - Clues

    Release Date: 2014-07-11

    Sam is hot on the trail of Fraser’s murderer, while John Paul and Ste are under pressure. Meanwhile, will Sandy leave the village forever? Will Nana win back the McQueens’ home? And is there more to Patrick’s generosity than meets the eye?

  • Hollyoaks - Family Comes First Wiki Reviews

    Episode 138 - Family Comes First

    Release Date: 2014-07-14

    Mercedes thinks up a manipulative plan to protect the McQueens' future and John Paul is nervous about his first real date since his attack. Meanwhile, Grace attempts to convince Trevor to give their love another shot.

  • Hollyoaks - Downward Spiral Wiki Reviews

    Episode 139 - Downward Spiral

    Release Date: 2014-07-15

    An argument with Patrick leads to a painful conclusion for Maxine, but will her baby be safe? The police make an arrest in connection to Fraser's murder, leaving everyone shocked. Elsewhere, Lindsey makes a big announcement and Ste has to beg for forgiveness.

  • Hollyoaks - Shocking Discoveries Wiki Reviews

    Episode 140 - Shocking Discoveries

    Release Date: 2014-07-16

    Ste is shocked to discover what his friend has gone through, but will he take matters into his own hands? Patrick is furious to wake up alone; where is Maxine? Grace is left devastated by Trevor's actions and the Roscoes hear Lindsey's good news, but is there something she’s not telling them?

  • Hollyoaks - Taking Big Steps Wiki Reviews

    Episode 141 - Taking Big Steps

    Release Date: 2014-07-17

    Maxine makes a bold decision, but is she strong enough to escape Patrick's grasp forever? Elsewhere, Joe makes a brave confession to Freddie, but it's not long before the police arrive at their doorstep. Elsewhere in the village, Mercedes is gobsmacked when she hears Lindsey's secret, and Nana McQueen offers some advice, but she’s unaware of the implications.

  • Hollyoaks - Love and Loyalty Wiki Reviews

    Episode 142 - Love and Loyalty

    Release Date: 2014-07-18

    When given an ultimatum, Freddie has a big choice to make; will this lead to Fraser’s killer finally being discovered? Elsewhere, Sinead's feelings for her forbidden lover grow stronger and stronger...

  • Hollyoaks - What's Next? Wiki Reviews

    Episode 143 - What's Next?

    Release Date: 2014-07-21

    The Roscoes are rocked by a new reveal in Fraser’s murder investigation, and Sinead continues her illicit relationship, but how will she cope playing second fiddle to her mum? Sam gets a shock as she opens the door to an unwelcome visitor. Meanwhile, will Leela and Ziggy take the next step and move in together, and is Dennis ashamed of Blessing?

  • Hollyoaks - Suspicions Wiki Reviews

    Episode 144 - Suspicions

    Release Date: 2014-07-22

    Will any of the Roscoes actually believe their loved one’s pleas? And are Sinead and Tony about be rumbled? A ghost from Sam’s past seeks the ultimate revenge, but will she survive? Blessing and George grow suspicious about Dennis’ secret behaviour.

  • Hollyoaks - Choices and Chances Wiki Reviews

    Episode 145 - Choices and Chances

    Release Date: 2014-07-23

    Lindsey struggles to choose who to stand by, and Leela ends up in a dangerous situation after a run-in with a mystery attacker. Will she be okay? Cindy and Rhys prepare to leave the village together while Maxine could have her to chance to leave Patrick, but have things been made worse?

  • Hollyoaks - Under Pressure Wiki Reviews

    Episode 146 - Under Pressure

    Release Date: 2014-07-24

    Pressure is mounting for Cindy, but she is desperate not to reveal her deep secret. Mercedes recruits Phoebe to help get to the bottom of Cindy’s behaviour whilst Blessing is desperate to make up for yesterday’s blunder.

  • Hollyoaks - Pride and Punishment Wiki Reviews

    Episode 147 - Pride and Punishment

    Release Date: 2014-07-25

    Will Mercedes’ latest efforts prove worthwhile? Ste desperately tries to prove himself to Tony and does everything he can to try to win back his job. Patrick catches Dennis leaving the flat and concocts another humiliating way to punish his bride-to-be.

  • Hollyoaks - Concerned Wiki Reviews

    Episode 148 - Concerned

    Release Date: 2014-07-28

    Holly’s concerns grow for the safety of her missing mum, Cindy. Will Mercedes reveal the truth about last night, and will Patrick learn of Maxine’s plan to escape?

  • Hollyoaks - Decisions, Decisions Wiki Reviews

    Episode 149 - Decisions, Decisions

    Release Date: 2014-07-29

    Mercedes has a big choice to make. Meanwhile, Maxine faces some tough challenges; will she manage to escape Patrick’s grasp or will she be tied to him forever?

  • Hollyoaks - Trying Times Wiki Reviews

    Episode 150 - Trying Times

    Release Date: 2014-07-30

    Patrick attempts to convince a loved one that he’s changed, while Blessing and Dennis try to stop their friend from making a dreadful mistake. Freddie has an exciting business proposition for Mercedes but will she be persuaded? Meanwhile, Holly attempts to reconcile with an old flame…

  • Hollyoaks - Revelations Wiki Reviews

    Episode 151 - Revelations

    Release Date: 2014-07-31

    Freddie and Mercedes are elated with their new position of power, while Grace reveals the real reason for her wounds to a furious Trevor. Elsewhere, will Nancy’s secret be unveiled?

  • Hollyoaks - Hidden Feelings Wiki Reviews

    Episode 152 - Hidden Feelings

    Release Date: 2014-08-01

    Ziggy dreams big, leaving Leela gobsmacked. Meanwhile, Lindsey struggles to hide her emotions from a bemused Mercedes and Freddie.

  • Hollyoaks - The Art of Persuasion Wiki Reviews

    Episode 153 - The Art of Persuasion

    Release Date: 2014-08-04

    The Lomaxes reveal their intentions to leave the village forever, but can Leela persuade her family to change their minds? Cameron’s desperation not to lose his daughter without her knowing the truth grows, and Tony’s world collapses around him as Sinead reveals a life-changing dilemma.

  • Hollyoaks - Ulterior Motive? Wiki Reviews

    Episode 154 - Ulterior Motive?

    Release Date: 2014-08-05

    Lindsey continues to fool Freddie, but does he know her ulterior motive? Cindy and Dirk are elated to welcome home baby Hilton, while Sinead is less than impressed with her date…

  • Hollyoaks - Fighting for Affection Wiki Reviews

    Episode 155 - Fighting for Affection

    Release Date: 2014-08-06

    Cameron is on hand to comfort Leela, but will Ziggy stand by and let him steal his girl? Meanwhile, Ste turns to a cocktail of drink and drugs, putting himself in serious danger; will Leela and John Paul reach him in time?

  • Hollyoaks - Game Over? Wiki Reviews

    Episode 156 - Game Over?

    Release Date: 2014-08-07

    Crossed wires lead to Sinead having to break some terrible news to Tony; has their affair been outed? Cindy is on the war path, leaving Dirk to feel the full brunt of her anger. Meanwhile, John Paul worries whether Ste will be ok and Trevor makes a heartfelt confession.

  • Hollyoaks - Plan B Wiki Reviews

    Episode 157 - Plan B

    Release Date: 2014-08-08

    Trevor is stunned to receive a threat from a shock visitor, and Cindy comes up with a new plan to run away with Rhys, but will she turn to crime to get her happy ending? Meanwhile, Holly’s concerns for her mum’s behaviour grow and she questions whether she should come clean to Dirk. Elsewhere, could Leela be falling for Cameron?

  • Hollyoaks - Close Call Wiki Reviews

    Episode 158 - Close Call

    Release Date: 2014-08-11

    Chaos looms when Cindy’s plans to run away with Rhys go wrong: Have Holly and Dirk lost her forever? Elsewhere, there’s a near miss for Tony and Sinead when Diane unexpectedly returns to the village, and John Paul feels betrayed seeing Ste and Finn bond at the restaurant.

  • Hollyoaks - Taking Risks Wiki Reviews

    Episode 159 - Taking Risks

    Release Date: 2014-08-12

    Tony prepares to come clean to Diane about him and Sinead, while a suspicious Ste takes the law into his own hands, and Dirk is devastated when Holly kicks him out of the flat. Elsewhere, a threatening face interrupts Trevor and Grace’s IVF appointment.

  • Hollyoaks - Under Pressure Wiki Reviews

    Episode 160 - Under Pressure

    Release Date: 2014-08-13

    As Ste comes close to the truth, will John Paul finally get justice? Elsewhere, Nico forces Sienna to back down – but will she trace her father? Big Bob ups the pressure on Trevor, while Grace makes Lindsey an offer she can’t refuse.

  • Hollyoaks - Panic Stations Wiki Reviews

    Episode 161 - Panic Stations

    Release Date: 2014-08-14

    Lindsey’s on a mission at the prison, while Ste panics when he can’t remember what happened last night at the college fancy dress disco. Elsewhere, Sienna is oblivious to Nico’s secret rendezvous, and its exam results day - will Esther and the Roscoe boys pass with flying colours?

  • Hollyoaks - Broken Promises Wiki Reviews

    Episode 162 - Broken Promises

    Release Date: 2014-08-15

    Sienna panics when she discovers where Nico’s gone, but is she too late? Lindsey’s heart sinks when she gets a call about Joe, and a guilty Ste begs John Paul not to give up on him. Meanwhile, Jason struggles to cope under pressure and Holly despairs when he fails to live up to his promises.

  • Hollyoaks - Confrontation and Consequences Wiki Reviews

    Episode 163 - Confrontation and Consequences

    Release Date: 2014-08-18

    Cameron attempts to stop an out of control Peri from doing something reckless, while Jason finds himself in hot water with Stan after reconciling with Holly. Elsewhere, Freddie confronts Joe and is shocked by what his brother reveals: what dangerous consequences will Lindsey's lies have?

  • Hollyoaks - Shock Decisions Wiki Reviews

    Episode 164 - Shock Decisions

    Release Date: 2014-08-19

    Stan gives Jason more time, but as that starts to run out, will he hurt his loved ones to save his own back? Meanwhile, Blessing shocks Dennis with a surprise decision, and Mercedes and Lindsey team up to get justice.

  • Hollyoaks - Release Wiki Reviews

    Episode 165 - Release

    Release Date: 2014-08-20

    As Blessing re-visits her past, she is left heart broken and in need of a release. Elsewhere, Freddie’s world is on the brink of crashing down, and will John Paul be there for Ste in his hour of need?

  • Hollyoaks - Desperation and Devastation Wiki Reviews

    Episode 166 - Desperation and Devastation

    Release Date: 2014-08-21

    Sienna’s desperation to keep Dodger for herself grows, while Blessing’s self-harming leads to health problems which threaten her hopes for the future. Elsewhere, Dodger gets a lot more than he bargained for when Dennis asks him for help…

  • Hollyoaks - Protection Wiki Reviews

    Episode 167 - Protection

    Release Date: 2014-08-22

    Patrick’s return causes trouble for Dodger; Sienna tries to protect her brother, but can she get round her controlling father? Meanwhile, Dodger is desperate to make Maxine stay, but other forces are out to prevent him. Elsewhere, there’s heartbreak for the Roscoes...

  • Hollyoaks - Unwanted Visitor Wiki Reviews

    Episode 168 - Unwanted Visitor

    Release Date: 2014-08-25

    Theresa sends an order for Kathleen-Angel to visit the prison, but to her dismay, Sonny visits her instead. Finn’s shocked when a familiar face returns to the village, but do they have good intentions? Sienna engineers an incredibly awkward meeting between Maxine and Patrick and, in true Sienna fashion, she tells an unforgivable lie to get what she wants - to keep Dodger by her side. Elsewhere, Nancy is stressed about her impending nuptials, while Darren refuses to lift a finger, and Rick tries to be her knight in shining armour.

  • Hollyoaks - The Lie Wiki Reviews

    Episode 169 - The Lie

    Release Date: 2014-08-26

    Nico is outraged when she finds out about her mother’s deception and swears to tell Dodger the truth. Finn and Amber ask Diane for a deposit so they can get their own place, but Diane is suspicious. Rick makes a promise to Nancy, but being as slippery as he is, will he actually stand by it?

  • Hollyoaks - Dangerous Mistakes Wiki Reviews

    Episode 170 - Dangerous Mistakes

    Release Date: 2014-08-27

    It’s the night of Darren’s fancy dress stag do and everyone’s dressing up. Dodger confides in Patrick about Nico, while Maxine is scared about what she finds on the boat. Meanwhile, Finn shows his true colours when he catches Amber trying to leave the village, and it’s up to Nancy to save the day. Has she put herself in danger?

  • Hollyoaks - Backed into a Corner Wiki Reviews

    Episode 171 - Backed into a Corner

    Release Date: 2014-08-28

    Ste is reunited with a face from the past; will they spoil his chances with John Paul? Robbie is determined to make sure justice is served, and will do everything he can to succeed. Darren races to be by his wife’s side after her attack, while one resident tries to hide their terrible deed…

  • Hollyoaks - Wedding Day Wiki Reviews

    Episode 172 - Wedding Day

    Release Date: 2014-08-29

    The village is shocked by the recent arrest, while Nancy is absolutely set on going through with her wedding to Darren. A proud John Paul walks Nancy down the aisle; will it be second time lucky for the bride-to-be?

  • Hollyoaks - Heartbreaking Revelations Wiki Reviews

    Episode 173 - Heartbreaking Revelations

    Release Date: 2014-09-01

    Nana is heartbroken when she finds out that John Paul was raped and the shock takes its toll on her. Sinead forgives Diane for not supporting her when Katy was ill, while the net is closing in on another family member.

  • Hollyoaks - Grief and Guilt Wiki Reviews

    Episode 174 - Grief and Guilt

    Release Date: 2014-09-02

    Mercedes is on the warpath after discovering the truth about John Paul’s attack, and Grace rushes to Nana McQueen’s aid. Meanwhile, Tony has a proposition for Sinead and Nico is plagued with guilt when Dodger and Maxine decide to throw her a party.

  • Hollyoaks - Home Truths Wiki Reviews

    Episode 175 - Home Truths

    Release Date: 2014-09-03

    Esther hits the jackpot, but could she be putting herself in serious danger? Elsewhere, Big Bob continues to hassle Trevor and Grace, while Nana makes a terrible mistake. Nico can’t play along with Sienna’s sick lies anymore, and Sinead is forced to tell someone close a shocking truth.

  • Hollyoaks - Fearful Wiki Reviews

    Episode 176 - Fearful

    Release Date: 2014-09-04

    Maxine fears for her safety and decides she has to leave, but how far will Sienna go to stop Dodger going with her? George urges Esther to do the right thing and Jason resorts to desperate measures to earn some cash, leaving Holly alarmed by the dark route he’s taking.

  • Hollyoaks - Decisions, Decisions Wiki Reviews

    Episode 177 - Decisions, Decisions

    Release Date: 2014-09-05

    The Blake/Savages must choose whether to unite to avoid disaster, as a life hangs in the balance. While Esther announces a new business venture to her surprised family, Holly takes control in a bid to save Jason, but is there another surprise in store for her?

  • Hollyoaks - Difficult Decisions Wiki Reviews

    Episode 178 - Difficult Decisions

    Release Date: 2014-09-08

    Freddie threatens to tell Joe the truth unless Lindsey takes a paternity test, while Sienna’s disappearance causes Nico to worry sick. Elsewhere, Grace leaves Sonny with a lot to think about, and Rick saves the day for Jason, but it comes at a price.

  • Hollyoaks - Shocks and Secrets Wiki Reviews

    Episode 179 - Shocks and Secrets

    Release Date: 2014-09-09

    Rick’s debts start to catch up with him, causing potential danger for his family. Will they have to suffer for his mistakes? Meanwhile, the results of Lindsey’s paternity test leave Freddie in shock, and Kathleen McQueen discovers a secret about Sonny which could bring him down, but is Phoebe hiding something?

  • Hollyoaks - Discoveries Wiki Reviews

    Episode 180 - Discoveries

    Release Date: 2014-09-10

    The garage re-launch is almost ruined when Freddie’s frustrations about Lindsey erupt, while Carmel is forced to face some hard evidence against Sonny, and Rick discovers a family secret.

  • Hollyoaks - Tainted New Beginnings Wiki Reviews

    Episode 181 - Tainted New Beginnings

    Release Date: 2014-09-11

    Esther begins her new business venture, but a looming threat could destroy her dream. Elsewhere, Sonny plans to get rid of meddling Kathleen, while Mercedes, Phoebe and Theresa concoct a plan of their own in order to save her. Meanwhile, things start looking good for Trevor and Grace’s dreams of a family.

  • Hollyoaks - Happy Reunions Wiki Reviews

    Episode 182 - Happy Reunions

    Release Date: 2014-09-12

    The return of a familiar face comes just in time, as Nana tries to put an end to her family’s schemes, but stubborn Mercedes goes ahead with her big plan. Meanwhile, Carmel has a heart-breaking decision to make.

  • Hollyoaks - Shocks and Confessions Wiki Reviews

    Episode 183 - Shocks and Confessions

    Release Date: 2014-09-15

    Carmel has some shocking news for the McQueens, while Trevor receives a mystery package that causes him to worry about Grace. Elsewhere, George and Esther have a fall out after Esther turns into a nightmare boss, and Ste makes a confession to Tony.

  • Hollyoaks - Against the Clock Wiki Reviews

    Episode 184 - Against the Clock

    Release Date: 2014-09-16

    Trevor and Freddie are racing against time on a tense rescue mission, while the Lomaxes are shaken up after a threatening encounter. Elsewhere, there’s a development in Finn’s case, but is it enough to get him convicted?

  • Hollyoaks - Plea for Help Wiki Reviews

    Episode 185 - Plea for Help

    Release Date: 2014-09-17

    Leela, Tegan and Peri make a police appeal in a desperate attempt to find the driver who killed their parents. Meanwhile, Esther is worried when it looks like the source of the £50,000 is about to be revealed, and it’s the day of Finn’s plea, so everyone gathers at the court. Elsewhere, Phoebe is shocked to see that Vincent has returned.

  • Hollyoaks - Face-to-Face Wiki Reviews

    Episode 186 - Face-to-Face

    Release Date: 2014-09-18

    George and Vincent come face-to face, despite Phoebe’s efforts to keep them apart. Meanwhile, Ziggy is caught red-handed, and Tony has to decide where loyalties lie.

  • Hollyoaks - Determination Wiki Reviews

    Episode 187 - Determination

    Release Date: 2014-09-19

    Sienna puts herself in danger by trying to escape the boiler room, while Patrick attempts to regain control over Maxine and Dodger. Elsewhere, Dirk is left heart-broken after visiting Cindy, and Nancy worries that her affair with Rick is going to be exposed.

  • Hollyoaks - Wicked Irony Wiki Reviews

    Episode 188 - Wicked Irony

    Release Date: 2014-09-22

    Nico gets very close to rumbling Patrick’s big secret, while Dodger takes matters into his own hands when Patrick gets too close for comfort. Myra lends Holly and Dirk a shoulder to cry on, but her good intentions end with heart-breaking consequences. Meanwhile, Tom makes a shock discovery.

  • Hollyoaks - Urgency Wiki Reviews

    Episode 189 - Urgency

    Release Date: 2014-09-23

    Holly is left to pick up the pieces after Myra’s betrayal, and a discovery by Kathleen-Angel rings alarm bells for the McQueens. A desperate Patrick turns to Maxine, but will she help him? And Nico’s school prank puts Sienna in big danger.

  • Hollyoaks - The Wrong Time Wiki Reviews

    Episode 190 - The Wrong Time

    Release Date: 2014-09-24

    Maxine realises she’s made a terrible mistake and makes the brave decision to make things right. Carmel decides to do things her way, and is left reeling by what she finds. Dirk and Holly visit Cindy but find that, despite everything, they’re only making things worse. Meanwhile, someone returns to the village, and ends up causing quite a stir!

  • Hollyoaks - Plans Gone Awry Wiki Reviews

    Episode 191 - Plans Gone Awry

    Release Date: 2014-09-25

    The McQueens have devised a plan for revenge, but in true McQueens style, it has dramatic and dangerous consequences. Sinead pleads with Ste to get help, but she fears that she’s left it too late. And will Nana’s confession to John Paul change everything? Elsewhere, Darren launches a vendetta against the O’Connor family and finds himself on the wrong side of the law.

  • Hollyoaks - Bad Decisions Wiki Reviews

    Episode 192 - Bad Decisions

    Release Date: 2014-09-26

    Carmel is horrified by what her family has done, while Finn gets a shock when someone close to him comes to visit. Meanwhile, John Paul makes a decision that could seriously jeopardise his future, and will temptation get the better of Darren?

  • Hollyoaks - Stand By Me Wiki Reviews

    Episode 193 - Stand By Me

    Release Date: 2014-09-29

    As Finn’s trial kicks off, John Paul is surrounded by the support of the McQueens and Ste, but Ste is feeling the pressure. Diane standing by Finn is pushing Tony and Sinead closer together, while Darren’s in for a shock following a courtroom revelation.

  • Hollyoaks - A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved Wiki Reviews

    Episode 194 - A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved

    Release Date: 2014-09-30

    Ste and Sinead find comfort in sharing their problems but Sinead’s in hot water when she shares one too many secrets. Elsewhere, the Osborne family is in turmoil after the first day of Finn’s trial and Darren finds an unlikely shoulder to cry on. Ever the flirt, Rick has his eyes on another of the village ladies.

  • Hollyoaks - Righting Wrongs Wiki Reviews

    Episode 195 - Righting Wrongs

    Release Date: 2014-10-01

    It’s Ste’s turn to give evidence at Finn’s trial but his testimony could have devastating consequences for John Paul, while Darren is under pressure to right things with Nancy. Diane finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, as Dennis and Tom embark on a new business adventure.

  • Hollyoaks - Decisions Wiki Reviews

    Episode 196 - Decisions

    Release Date: 2014-10-02

    The jury have to decide who to believe, Robbie or Finn, as they go head to head in court. Nana McQueen falls ill, while Dennis’ new business opens with a bang. Ste hits a new low as he tries to suppress his cravings.

  • Hollyoaks - Shocks Wiki Reviews

    Episode 197 - Shocks

    Release Date: 2014-10-03

    It’s D-day for John Paul and Finn as the jury delivers its verdict. The McQueens are shocked when an unlikely witness shows up in court, while Tony and Sinead share a moment, but someone’s watching! Diane’s actions have a life-changing effect on the O’Connors.

  • Hollyoaks - Deal With the Devil Wiki Reviews

    Episode 198 - Deal With the Devil

    Release Date: 2014-10-06

    Myra finds some incriminating evidence and has to decide whether to use it to stir up some trouble, while Trevor and Grace are given some heart-breaking news. Elsewhere, Freddie makes a deal with someone he should be avoiding, and Tegan interferes with Leela’s relationship.

  • Hollyoaks - An Unexpected Visitor Wiki Reviews

    Episode 199 - An Unexpected Visitor

    Release Date: 2014-10-07

    Ziggy and Cameron go head to head in an unlikely challenge, while a new arrival in the village doesn’t go down well with Lindsey. Freddie and Big Bob’s plan spirals out of Freddie’s control and turns into a hostage situation at the hospital. While being held, Esther collapses, causing Grace to fear for her health. Elsewhere, Myra plans her revenge…

  • Hollyoaks - Imprisoned Wiki Reviews

    Episode 200 - Imprisoned

    Release Date: 2014-10-08

    The hospital is still on lock-down, and one of the hostages is fighting a life or death battle. Meanwhile, Tegan and Ziggy are trapped in a lift and find an unexpected way to pass the time, and a scared Lindsey makes a confession…

  • Hollyoaks - Hero of the Hour Wiki Reviews

    Episode 201 - Hero of the Hour

    Release Date: 2014-10-09

    Leela races to save her sister when the lift holding Ziggy and Tegan looks like it’s going to plummet. Elsewhere in the hospital, the day ends in tragedy, while Phoebe makes Robbie an offer he can’t refuse back in the village.

  • Hollyoaks - Stirring Up Trouble Wiki Reviews

    Episode 202 - Stirring Up Trouble

    Release Date: 2014-10-10

    The dust begins to settle after the hospital crisis, but there’s not much relief for the hostages. Sienna has a cunning plan which forces Maxine and Patrick into an awkward situation, and Cindy finally gets the news her family have been waiting to hear, but Jason is worried by what he finds during their visit.

  • Hollyoaks - Thwarted Plans Wiki Reviews

    Episode 203 - Thwarted Plans

    Release Date: 2014-10-13

    Maxine makes plans to propose to Dodger, but they’re ruined by scheming Sienna. Maxine immediately blames Patrick, and wishes him dead… but she better be careful what she wishes for. Meanwhile, Phoebe proves herself a true McQueen when she seduces Robbie while Carmel looks for the evidence she needs to free Theresa. Will Carmel actually use the evidence to help her cousin?

  • Hollyoaks - Righting Wrongs Wiki Reviews

    Episode 204 - Righting Wrongs

    Release Date: 2014-10-14

    It looks like Cindy is finally heading home from hospital, until Jason shares a worrying secret, while the Blake/Savages are looking for someone to blame following the previous day’s events. Elsewhere, Carmel is racing against time to save someone she loves, and Holly breaks Jason’s heart when he sees her and Robbie getting close.

  • Hollyoaks - Bedside Manners Wiki Reviews

    Episode 205 - Bedside Manners

    Release Date: 2014-10-15

    Theresa goes into labour and is rushed to hospital, but the drama goes up a gear when she reveals who the daddy is. Elsewhere, Tony and Sinead are planning a romantic get-away but an unsuspecting Diane plans to join them.

  • Hollyoaks - Lies and Games Wiki Reviews

    Episode 206 - Lies and Games

    Release Date: 2014-10-16

    Sienna and Theresa play dirty to get what they want, while Diane is confused when she tries to contact Tony and realises he’s not where he said he’d be.

  • Hollyoaks - In For a Shock Wiki Reviews

    Episode 207 - In For a Shock

    Release Date: 2014-10-17

    Diane manages to track down Tony – but is she in for a nasty shock? Elsewhere, Grace begins to panic about her future, and Dodger is disgusted by what he’s done.

  • Hollyoaks - Plans Backfire Wiki Reviews

    Episode 208 - Plans Backfire

    Release Date: 2014-10-20

    Peri starts plotting against her family again, and ends up putting herself in serious danger. Diane finally gets the evidence she’s been waiting for to confront Tony with, while Frankie and Jack find something strange in Esther’s bag and wonder what on earth she’s up to.

  • Hollyoaks - The Waiting Game Wiki Reviews

    Episode 209 - The Waiting Game

    Release Date: 2014-10-21

    Frankie wants to put an end to her family’s secrets - but how far will she go protect Esther? Elsewhere, Diane is on the war path, while Sinead plucks up the courage to take a pregnancy test.

  • Hollyoaks - Change of Heart Wiki Reviews

    Episode 210 - Change of Heart

    Release Date: 2014-10-22

    Trevor makes a heart-breaking decision leaving a desperate Grace trying to persuade him to change his mind. Dennis is grieving for Leanne as the anniversary of her death approaches, and oblivious Blessing accidentally makes things worse. Elsewhere, Tony manages to avoid a disaster with Diane, but it doesn't work out well for Sinead.

  • Hollyoaks - Cunning Plan Wiki Reviews

    Episode 211 - Cunning Plan

    Release Date: 2014-10-23

    It looks like Sienna might have an ulterior motive when she offers to look after Myra-Pocahontas, while Blessing helps Dennis confront some painful truths. Over at the Lomaxes, a secret is let slip at baby Rose’s birthday party which causes chaos.

  • Hollyoaks - Revenge Wiki Reviews

    Episode 212 - Revenge

    Release Date: 2014-10-24

    Dennis comes up with a dangerous plan to avenge Leanne’s death, while Theresa starts to fear for her own sanity as the McQueens doubt her after some strange goings-on. Elsewhere, Tegan is given some dreadful news.

  • Hollyoaks - Big Promises Wiki Reviews

    Episode 213 - Big Promises

    Release Date: 2014-10-27

    Blessing makes a new friend who claims he can make her dream come true, while Lockie has news for Cameron who assumes his brother is in trouble. Elsewhere, the McQueens continue to worry about Theresa’s stability, while Theresa starts to suspect that Carmel is the one to blame for the recent vendetta against her.

  • Hollyoaks - Getting Away From it All Wiki Reviews

    Episode 214 - Getting Away From it All

    Release Date: 2014-10-28

    The McQueen ladies head off to a spa for the day, unaware that Nana’s life is in danger back home! Blessing is over the moon at the thought of her problems soon being over – but Frankie senses something’s wrong. Elsewhere, Freddie moves on to his next dodgy scheme as Lockie worms his way into the Lomax house.

  • Hollyoaks - Watch Your Back Wiki Reviews

    Episode 215 - Watch Your Back

    Release Date: 2014-10-29

    The police make a trip to see Freddie, while Blessing makes a brave decision. Theresa finds proof that Carmel is the one causing her problems, but it looks like someone’s already waiting in the shadows to take care of Carmel.

  • Hollyoaks - Terrible Timing Wiki Reviews

    Episode 216 - Terrible Timing

    Release Date: 2014-10-30

    A familiar face returns to see Ste, but their timing couldn’t be worse! Carmel’s life is hanging in the balance, while the rest of the family discover the truth about Nana’s accident, and Blessing is completely unaware that she’s ruined Freddie’s plans and is sitting on a fortune.

  • Hollyoaks - Weight of the World Wiki Reviews

    Episode 217 - Weight of the World

    Release Date: 2014-10-31

    John Paul pays the price after Ste’s drug addiction leaves him in debt to Lockie, and Holly is over the moon when she’s told Cindy can come home for a visit, but Cindy’s not so keen.

  • Hollyoaks - Outburst Wiki Reviews

    Episode 218 - Outburst

    Release Date: 2014-11-03

    Cindy is finally home from hospital, but her secretive behaviour has got Holly worried. Ste lashes out at his family when he doesn't get the help he needs, and Freddie puts his faith in Robbie, which has heart-stopping consequences…

  • Hollyoaks - New Surprises Wiki Reviews

    Episode 219 - New Surprises

    Release Date: 2014-11-04

    Grace tries her best to play cupid for Esther, who doesn't feel brave enough to go for it, and Porsche’s unexpected arrival is the first of many surprises for the McQueens. Meanwhile, Cindy begins to fear for her life and ends up fleeing the village.

  • Hollyoaks - Plans Gone Awry Wiki Reviews

    Episode 220 - Plans Gone Awry

    Release Date: 2014-11-05

    There’s trouble when Cindy’s actions put Holly’s life in serious danger. Grace begins to fear that Esther’s new romance might scupper their deal, and decides that she must sabotage the whole thing. The McQueens are excited by the totally OTT plans for the impending wedding, but they’re completely unaware that their every move is being watched.

  • Hollyoaks - Big Decisions Wiki Reviews

    Episode 221 - Big Decisions

    Release Date: 2014-11-06

    Will Maxine sell her soul in return from freedom when Patrick gives her an ultimatum? Rick and Robbie are concerned when Jason’s health deteriorates, and Grace tries to cover her tracks but she just can’t help breaking hearts. Elsewhere, Theresa is desperate when Kathleen-Angel disappears.

  • Hollyoaks - Danger Approaching Wiki Reviews

    Episode 222 - Danger Approaching

    Release Date: 2014-11-07

    Dodger is back in the village! But he doesn't know whether Maxine will be there waiting for him. Rick embarks on his next sleazy money-making scheme, completely without a thought for Jason’s safety. And as the McQueen wedding draws closer, the family are unaware that the big day is about to derail in spectacular style…

  • Hollyoaks - Not Finished Yet Wiki Reviews

    Episode 251 - Not Finished Yet

    Release Date: 2015-12-18

    Scheming Lindsey will stop at nothing to sabotage Mercedes and Joe’s relationship, while Tony and Tegan team up to help Ste at the time he needs it most. Elsewhere, Cameron plans a special Christmas surprise, but will it all backfire?

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