Dragon Ball GT (1996)

Ten years have passed since Goku left his friends and family to hone his skills. But Goku soon finds himself helpless against the mystical power of the Dragon Balls and an accidental wish made by the devious Emperor Pilaf. His desire; that Goku once again become a child! Not daunted by this small setback, Goku, together with Trunks, and his own granddaughter Pan, blast off into the outer reaches of space in search of the mysterious Blackstar Dragon Balls. But these Dragon Balls have a fatal secret: if not collected within one year Earth will be destroyed.

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  • Akira Toriyama
Seasons: 1 2 3
themoviedb icon 6.1/10

  • Release Date: 1996-02-07
  • Language: Ja
  • Country: JP, US
  • Runtime: 25 minutes
  • Company : -
  • Views: 142

Dragon Ball GT - Season 1 Episode List

  • Dragon Ball GT - Nazo no Doragon Bôru shutsugen!! Gokû ga kodomo ni!? Wiki Reviews

    Episode 1 - Nazo no Doragon Bôru shutsugen!! Gokû ga kodomo ni!?

    Release Date: 1996-02-07

    After decades of persistence, Emperor Pilaf finally steals the dragon balls and summons Shenron! But Pilaf slips up yet again and wishes Goku back to childhood size!. As Goku tries to present his new self to his family, King Kai reveals alarming news. If the dragon balls aren't returned to Earth within one year, the entire planet will explode!

  • Dragon Ball GT - Shuyaku wa watashi! Pan uchû ni tobitatsu!! Wiki Reviews

    Episode 2 - Shuyaku wa watashi! Pan uchû ni tobitatsu!!

    Release Date: 1996-02-14

    While Bulma, Videl, and Gohan prepare a ship that will be used to gather the Black Star Dragon Balls from space, Pan becomes upset at how the others view her as a child. In the meantime, Goku is kidnapped by two men seeking to gain a ransom from a not-so-worried Bulma and Vegeta.

  • Dragon Ball GT - Chô gametsui!! Shônin no wakusei Imegga Wiki Reviews

    Episode 3 - Chô gametsui!! Shônin no wakusei Imegga

    Release Date: 1996-02-21

    After suffering damage to their spaceship, Goku, Trunks, and Pan are forced to crash land on Planet Imecka. The trio is enamored by the festive atmosphere of the city until they realize that the Imeckians are money-hungry swindlers. At first the travelers from Earth are trying to escape with their wallets, but it soon becomes clear that they'll be lucky to escape with their lives!

  • Dragon Ball GT - U~onteddo!! Gokû ga shimei tehai!? Wiki Reviews

    Episode 4 - U~onteddo!! Gokû ga shimei tehai!?

    Release Date: 1996-02-28

    After finding themselves as public enemy number one on the merchant planet, Imecka, Goku, Pan, and Trunks attempt a daring rescue mission to salvage their ship. Without it they may be stuck on the planet forever! Casting all fear aside, the Saiyans try a direct approach...and find Don Kee's army locked and loaded!

  • Dragon Ball GT - Tsuyoi yatsu mikke!! Yôjinbô Rejikku Wiki Reviews

    Episode 5 - Tsuyoi yatsu mikke!! Yôjinbô Rejikku

    Release Date: 1996-03-06

    While hiding from the authorities, Goku, Pan, and Trunks become moved by the injustices that the Imeckans suffer under the oppressive Don Kee. They decide to confront The Don, and head straight for a showdown at the Royal Palace. It seems like an easy victory until Lezick appears from the shadows!

  • Dragon Ball GT - Like Pulling Teeth Wiki Reviews

    Episode 6 - Like Pulling Teeth

    Release Date: 1996-03-13

    Barely escaping Imecka with their lives, Goku, Trunks, and Pan land on a planet where everything is larger than life. As they near the dragon ball their good fortune takes a turn for the worse as a giant nearly consumes the ball and dooms Earth forever! Goku must make a quick decision before having to charge into the belly of the beast...literally!

  • Dragon Ball GT - Trunks, The Bride Wiki Reviews

    Episode 7 - Trunks, The Bride

    Release Date: 1996-03-20

    The Saiyans arrive on a peaceful plant with one very large problem. The monster Zoonama has the incredible ability to produce earthquakes by merely shaking his gigantic whiskers! Now the monster is demanding a bride. If the villagers don't comply their very survival cannot be guaranteed!

  • Dragon Ball GT - Whisker Power Wiki Reviews

    Episode 8 - Whisker Power

    Release Date: 1996-04-17

    Not bowing to the demands of the wicked Zoonama, Trunks reluctantly poses as Zoonama's bride in an attempt to sneak deep into the monster's lair under a volcano and free the people of the village forever. But things get hot as Zoonama reveals a secret and the volcano prepares to blow!

  • Dragon Ball GT - Lord Luud Wiki Reviews

    Episode 9 - Lord Luud

    Release Date: 1996-04-24

    After seemingly securing a dragon ball, three mysterious strangers steal what the Saiyans worked so hard to attain. In their haste to track down the thieves, Goku, Pan, and Trunks find themselves tricked into touching down on a dangerous asteroid. Meanwhile the three strangers present the spoils to their bizarre leader! Just who is this mystery man...and what makes him so dangerous?

  • Dragon Ball GT - Dance and Attack Wiki Reviews

    Episode 10 - Dance and Attack

    Release Date: 1996-05-01

    Finding themselves on the cave-ridden planet of Beehey, Goku, Trunks and Pan have run straight into a pack of Mouma, a giant buglike species with a taste for humans! Hiding in the shadows are the Para Bara Brothers, planning out the perfect time to attack with their unique style of dancing.

  • Dragon Ball GT - Lord Luud's Curse Wiki Reviews

    Episode 11 - Lord Luud's Curse

    Release Date: 1996-05-08

    Pan and Giru are stuck on the Para Para Brothers spaceship heading straight for Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy and his demented regime. Meanwhile, Goku and Trunks pursue Pan to the planet. Can anything prepare them for the shock that is to come?

  • Dragon Ball GT - The Last Oracle of Luud Wiki Reviews

    Episode 12 - The Last Oracle of Luud

    Release Date: 1996-05-15

    While Pan is under the control of the psychotic Master Dolltaki, Goku and Trunks battle with the vengeful Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy, who can manipulate inanimate objects to attack at will! Meanwhile, Dolltaki has big plans for his faithful believers, as the mighty Lord Luud moves one step closer to being resurrected.

  • Dragon Ball GT - The Man Behind The Curtain Wiki Reviews

    Episode 13 - The Man Behind The Curtain

    Release Date: 1996-05-22

    Goku and Trunks have defeated Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy, and now stand before the awakening Luud. When Dolltaki refuses to give up Pan to the ever-growing monster, Dr. Myuu feeds both Pan and Dolltaki to Luud! This sacrifice brings the machine-mutant so close to full operating power that Goku and Trunks alone will be no match for it!

  • Dragon Ball GT - The Battle Within Wiki Reviews

    Episode 14 - The Battle Within

    Release Date: 1996-06-05

    Determined not to just sit around inside the Luud monster, Pan and the Para Para Brothers force Dolltaki to reveal the secret to escaping their mechanical prison. Meanwhile, Goku does his best to fend off the ever growing monster. There just might be a way to free the imprisoned innocents, but is there enough time?

  • Dragon Ball GT - Beginning of the End Wiki Reviews

    Episode 15 - Beginning of the End

    Release Date: 1996-06-12

    Trunks and Goku consider returning to Earth so that Pan can be placed out of harms way and Goten can continue the journey as originally planned. But Giru discovers a dragon ball and leads the group to a desert planet where they must ward off menacing monsters and scour the vast sand dunes for the hidden dragon ball. Will they succeed, or will they become nothing but scattered feed for giant centipedes?

  • Dragon Ball GT - Giru's Checkered Past Wiki Reviews

    Episode 16 - Giru's Checkered Past

    Release Date: 1996-06-19

    Giru convinces the Z warriors to land on Planet M2, his home planet. It is a trap though and Giru is greeted by General Rildo and is told he has done a good job of luring the humans to the planet. At the end of the episode the Z warriors meet up with a group of strong robots who call themselves M2's commandoes. After a short fight the robots capture Trunks and Goku and take them away.

  • Dragon Ball GT - Pan's Gambit Wiki Reviews

    Episode 17 - Pan's Gambit

    Release Date: 1996-06-26

    Just as he is freed from Dr. Myuu's laboratory by Pan, Goku comes face to face with General Rilldo's top fighting machine the Mega Canon Sigma Force! With the ability to combine their mechanical bodies into many different deadly weapons, these Killer-Bots may make this the shortest rescue attempt ever!

  • Dragon Ball GT - Unexpected Power Wiki Reviews

    Episode 18 - Unexpected Power

    Release Date: 1996-07-10

    With Giru's dark secret out in the open, Goku, Pan, and Trunks are more determined than ever before to complete their dangerous mission. Having barely survived the terrible Mega Canon Sigma Force, do the heroes have enough strength left to fend off the amazing new threat looming on the horizon?

  • Dragon Ball GT - A General Uprising Wiki Reviews

    Episode 19 - A General Uprising

    Release Date: 1996-07-17

    Goku and Rilldo continue to fight, but Rilldo reveals his secret power.

  • Dragon Ball GT - The Source of Rilldo's power Wiki Reviews

    Episode 20 - The Source of Rilldo's power

    Release Date: 1996-07-31

    Still trapped on the planet of the Machine Mutants, Goku and Pan succumb to General Rilldo's tricky tactics and become frozen in metal. The evil Dr. Myuu has them sent to his laboratory to join Trunks so he can drain the trio's Saiyan powers and use them at his will! And the double-crossing Giru shows he has more than one trick up his sleeve!

  • Dragon Ball GT - A Secret Revealed Wiki Reviews

    Episode 21 - A Secret Revealed

    Release Date: 1996-08-07

    After removing all control from Dr. Myuu, Trunks reveals the mystery that drove him to deceive. Behind a door lies the doctor's darkest secret Baby, a creature designed to subjugate the entire galaxy! Are the three Saiyans enough to put this child out of commission?

  • Dragon Ball GT - The Baby Secret Wiki Reviews

    Episode 22 - The Baby Secret

    Release Date: 1996-08-14

    After removing all control from Dr. Myuu, Trunks reveals the mystery that drove him to deceive. Behind a door lies the doctor's darkest secret Baby, a creature designed to subjugate the entire galaxy! Are the three Saiyans enough to put this child out of commission?

  • Dragon Ball GT - Hidden Danger Wiki Reviews

    Episode 23 - Hidden Danger

    Release Date: 1996-08-21

    Believing Dr. Myuu's evil vision contained, Goku, Pan, and Trunks set out to recover the remaining Dragonballs. Their search leads them to a battered ship soon to be destroyed by the gravity of a nearby star! But a dragon ball is not the only discovery that the tattered craft offers up; something onboard is alive!

  • Dragon Ball GT - Discovering the Truth Wiki Reviews

    Episode 24 - Discovering the Truth

    Release Date: 1996-08-28

    Goku and the others take a short detour from Dragon Ball hunting and land on Planet Vidal to get medical treatment for the boy that they rescued in outer-space. But who is this mysterious, young survivor and why can't the Doctor assigned to his case be trusted?

  • Dragon Ball GT - Baby's Arrival Wiki Reviews

    Episode 25 - Baby's Arrival

    Release Date: 1996-10-09

    When a roughneck starts wreaking havoc in the city, Goten has to interrupt his big date to teach him a lesson. But as soon as Goten subdues him, another deranged fighter steps out of the crowd to take his place. Who are these strange criminals and where do they get their super strength?

  • Dragon Ball GT - Saiyan Hunting Wiki Reviews

    Episode 26 - Saiyan Hunting

    Release Date: 1996-10-16

    As Baby continues to seek out the Saiyans, he makes his way across Earth using the bodies of unsuspecting humans as his vehicle. But he finds resistance in the face of whom he hunts, Goten! Does Goten have what it takes to put this guy to a stop before he finds the other Saiyans?

  • Dragon Ball GT - The Attack on Vegeta Wiki Reviews

    Episode 27 - The Attack on Vegeta

    Release Date: 1996-10-23

    As Goku, Trunks, and Pan stand on the brink of finding the last Dragon Ball, Baby uses Goten as a puppet so he can infiltrate Gohan's body. What is the ultimate plan of this formidable creature? And what kind of earth is waiting for our travelers when they return?

  • Dragon Ball GT - A Worldwide Problem Wiki Reviews

    Episode 28 - A Worldwide Problem

    Release Date: 1996-10-30

    With Vegeta's awesome power at his disposal, Baby's plan for world subjugation is nearly complete. And with Goku, Trunks, and Pan returning to Earth with the Dragon Balls his sinister nightmare is mere moments away from becoming reality!

  • Dragon Ball GT - The Fall of the Saiyans Wiki Reviews

    Episode 29 - The Fall of the Saiyans

    Release Date: 1996-11-06

    After sealing the Dragon Balls away with Dende, Goku believes Earth is spared from terrible destruction. But his darkest fears soon come to life as Baby-Vegeta comes calling! But how can Goku drive Baby from his friends and family without destroying them in the process?

  • Dragon Ball GT - The Game After Life Wiki Reviews

    Episode 30 - The Game After Life

    Release Date: 1996-11-13

    After taking the full force of Baby-Vegeta's most powerful attack, Goku appears to have died! Baby-Vegeta begins the next phase of his master plan to use the power of the dragon balls to create a new home world for his followers! With Goku out of the picture, is there anyone left who can stop him?

  • Dragon Ball GT - Collapse from Within Wiki Reviews

    Episode 31 - Collapse from Within

    Release Date: 1996-12-11

    Despite being miraculously saved by Kibito at the last moment, Goku finds himself playing a twisted game of chance in a bizarre world where nothing is at it seems. The only way out is for Goku to win the game. But with Vegeta-Baby moving his followers to the new planet, Goku may be too late!

  • Dragon Ball GT - The Return of Uub Wiki Reviews

    Episode 32 - The Return of Uub

    Release Date: 1997-01-08

    After literally saving Pan from the clutches of Baby, Uub tries his best to pick up where Goku left off. But Baby proves to be a formidable adversary. All the while, Goku is with Old Kai, enduring the strangest training technique anyone has ever seen! Will it give Goku the kind of ability it will take to beat Baby?

  • Dragon Ball GT - The Tail's Tale Wiki Reviews

    Episode 33 - The Tail's Tale

    Release Date: 1997-01-15

    The fate of Earth dangles by a thin thread, as Uub finds out quickly that he is no match for Baby on his own. Buu steps in to save him, and morphs himself into Uub's body, combining each of their strength's into one brutal force. Meanwhile, the time has come for Goku to attempt to resurrect his long gone powers!

  • Dragon Ball GT - Back in the Game Wiki Reviews

    Episode 34 - Back in the Game

    Release Date: 1997-01-22

    After completing his tail stretching, Goku heads back to the Tuffle planet to fight alongside Uub. But he's too late. Having to face Baby alone, Goku must use his new-found abilities. But will they be too much even for the mightiest Saiyan to handle?

  • Dragon Ball GT - Goku's Ascension Wiki Reviews

    Episode 35 - Goku's Ascension

    Release Date: 1997-01-29

  • Dragon Ball GT - The Tuffle Gorilla Attacks Wiki Reviews

    Episode 36 - The Tuffle Gorilla Attacks

    Release Date: 1997-02-05

  • Dragon Ball GT - Old Kai's Last Stand Wiki Reviews

    Episode 37 - Old Kai's Last Stand

    Release Date: 1997-02-12

  • Dragon Ball GT - Family Bonds Wiki Reviews

    Episode 38 - Family Bonds

    Release Date: 1997-02-19

  • Dragon Ball GT - Baby Put to Rest Wiki Reviews

    Episode 39 - Baby Put to Rest

    Release Date: 1997-02-26

  • Dragon Ball GT - Piccolo's Decision Wiki Reviews

    Episode 40 - Piccolo's Decision

    Release Date: 1997-03-05

  • Dragon Ball GT - Curtain Call Wiki Reviews

    Episode 41 - Curtain Call

    Release Date: 1997-03-12

  • Dragon Ball GT - A Dangerous Union Wiki Reviews

    Episode 42 - A Dangerous Union

    Release Date: 1997-04-16

  • Dragon Ball GT - The Resurrection of Cell and Frieza Wiki Reviews
  • Dragon Ball GT - 17 Times 2 Wiki Reviews

    Episode 44 - 17 Times 2

    Release Date: 1997-04-30

  • Dragon Ball GT - Piccolo's Best Bet Wiki Reviews

    Episode 45 - Piccolo's Best Bet

    Release Date: 1997-05-14

  • Dragon Ball GT - Raising the Stakes Wiki Reviews

    Episode 46 - Raising the Stakes

    Release Date: 1997-05-28

  • Dragon Ball GT - The Greatest Surprise Wiki Reviews

    Episode 47 - The Greatest Surprise

    Release Date: 1997-06-04

  • Dragon Ball GT - The Shadow Dragons Wiki Reviews

    Episode 48 - The Shadow Dragons

    Release Date: 1997-06-11

  • Dragon Ball GT - The Two-Star Dragon Wiki Reviews

    Episode 49 - The Two-Star Dragon

    Release Date: 1997-06-18

  • Dragon Ball GT - The Five-Star Dragon Wiki Reviews

    Episode 50 - The Five-Star Dragon

    Release Date: 1997-06-25

  • Dragon Ball GT - The Six-Star Dragon Wiki Reviews

    Episode 51 - The Six-Star Dragon

    Release Date: 1997-07-02

  • Dragon Ball GT - The Seven-Star Dragon Wiki Reviews

    Episode 52 - The Seven-Star Dragon

    Release Date: 1997-07-09

  • Dragon Ball GT - Saying Goodbye Wiki Reviews

    Episode 53 - Saying Goodbye

    Release Date: 1997-07-16

  • Dragon Ball GT - The Four-Star Dragon Wiki Reviews

    Episode 54 - The Four-Star Dragon

    Release Date: 1997-08-06

  • Dragon Ball GT - The Heart of the Prince Wiki Reviews

    Episode 55 - The Heart of the Prince

    Release Date: 1997-08-13

  • Dragon Ball GT - The Three-Star Dragon Wiki Reviews

    Episode 56 - The Three-Star Dragon

    Release Date: 1997-08-20

  • Dragon Ball GT - The One-Star Dragon Wiki Reviews

    Episode 57 - The One-Star Dragon

    Release Date: 1997-09-03

  • Dragon Ball GT - Shadow Dragons Unite Wiki Reviews

    Episode 58 - Shadow Dragons Unite

    Release Date: 1997-09-10

  • Dragon Ball GT - Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta Wiki Reviews

    Episode 59 - Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta

    Release Date: 1997-09-17

  • Dragon Ball GT - Super Saiyan 4 Fusion Wiki Reviews

    Episode 60 - Super Saiyan 4 Fusion

    Release Date: 1997-10-22

  • Dragon Ball GT - The Limits of Power Wiki Reviews

    Episode 61 - The Limits of Power

    Release Date: 1997-10-29

  • Dragon Ball GT - Rescue Goku Wiki Reviews

    Episode 62 - Rescue Goku

    Release Date: 1997-11-05

  • Dragon Ball GT - Universal Allies Wiki Reviews

    Episode 63 - Universal Allies

    Release Date: 1997-11-12

  • Dragon Ball GT - Until We Meet Again Wiki Reviews

    Episode 64 - Until We Meet Again

    Release Date: 1997-11-19

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