Only Fools and Horses (1981)

The misadventures of two wheeler dealer brothers Del Boy and Rodney Trotter of “Trotters Independent Traders PLC” who scrape their living by selling dodgy goods believing that next year they will be millionaires.

Only Fools and Horses Movie Wiki

  • John Sullivan
  • Mr. T
Seasons: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
metacritic icon 8.7/10
themoviedb icon 8.2/10

  • Release Date: 1981-09-08
  • Language: En | Vi
  • Country: GB
  • Runtime: 30 minutes
  • Company : -
  • Views: 196

Only Fools and Horses - Season 4 Episode List

  • Only Fools and Horses - Happy Returns Wiki Reviews

    Episode 1 - Happy Returns

    Release Date: 1985-02-21

    Rodney's in love with Debbie from the newsagents. Could this mean the end of his dirty magazine fetish? Trouble is she's only 19, and 19 1/2 years ago Del was pretty friendly with her mum...

  • Only Fools and Horses - Strained Relations Wiki Reviews

    Episode 2 - Strained Relations

    Release Date: 1985-02-28

    After Grandad's funeral, Delboy & Rodney are surprised to find that his brother, Uncle Albert, has moved in with them - bringing his nautical nightmares.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Hole in One Wiki Reviews

    Episode 3 - Hole in One

    Release Date: 1985-03-07

    The Trotters are potless, so Uncle Albert comes to the rescue by having an 'accident' with the open cellar door of the Nag's Head.

  • Only Fools and Horses - It's Only Rock and Roll Wiki Reviews

    Episode 4 - It's Only Rock and Roll

    Release Date: 1985-03-14

    Rodney is the drumless drummer in Mental Micky's band, 'A Bunch Of Wallies'. Del Boy takes on the job of manager, getting them an abortive St. Paddy's night gig at The Shamrock Club.

  • Only Fools and Horses - Sleeping Dogs Lie Wiki Reviews

    Episode 5 - Sleeping Dogs Lie

    Release Date: 1985-03-21

    Del's on to a great money making scheme - looking after Boycie and Marlene's new puppy Dukie for a steal at £60 a week. Should be a doddle - a bit of the old Pedigree Chum and they should be away. Then Dukie falls victim to Salmonella poisoning...

  • Only Fools and Horses - Watching the Girls Go By Wiki Reviews

    Episode 6 - Watching the Girls Go By

    Release Date: 1985-03-28

    Del sets Rodney up with a date, but when she gets to the do at the Nag's Head she makes Rodney wish he hadn't.

  • Only Fools and Horses - As One Door Closes Wiki Reviews

    Episode 7 - As One Door Closes

    Release Date: 1985-04-04

    When Del Boy's hooky 'louvry' door deal, financed with Denzil's redundancy money, falls through, the boys attempt to repay him by catching a rare butterfly.

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